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FEBRUARY 13 2006
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When we recorded and released our song 'I Am The Owner Of This Coat' for the musicians against the fur trade campaign, we had no idea of the impact that it would have within the hearts of animal lovers all over the world. The song was borne out of distress when I discovered the true picture of a horror that I knew nothing about, the fur trade. I was to learn about the short and pitiful lives and unimaginably painful deaths, of thousands of animals destroyed mercilessly every day within this sickening trade. Our song was inspired by Mary-Alice Pollard, Cornwall's voice for animals in UK, and through this wonderful caring animal worker, and her friendship to Paul Killington, my co-writer and I, we would soon realise that a lot could be done to help to save these animals.

Mary-Alice is a tireless driving force behind what is steadily becoming a very important group, and one that we are very proud to be part of, a group which has many high profile musicians in its ranks, who are offering their voices and their music, to show that the fur trade will not be tolerated, and our common aim is to keep this issue in the public eye. Along with Mary-Alice, the core of the group is also supported by the invaluable contribution of an amazingly gifted artist, Steve Andrews, a colourful musician living in Tenerife, known as the Bard Of Ely, whose song 'You're a liar, Nicky Wire' is considered a cult classic.

The group has plans to release a compilation cd, of songs donated by musicians against the fur trade, which will raise funds for organisations that are taking an active stand against this cruelty. Bands and artists are already offering songs, some written especially to highlight this cause, and sponsorship and practical assistance is coming forth from music related sources.

'Singers/Songwriters/MusiciansSayNoToFur' on myspace, now has nearly 600 members. SingersSongwritersMusiciansSayNoToFur

I am pleased to say that since we became involved in the anti-fur campaign, we have found there are millions of caring animal lovers world-wide, that all wish to see an end to this torture. And indeed musicians are doing as much as they can, to encourage awareness, and hopefully, a ban on the fur trade will become a reality in the months ahead.

Radio presenters are playing our song and supporting the role of music as a means of reaching the public, and making people aware of what is going on in China and other parts of the world, where factory fur farms are commonplace and mostly unregulated. It is proving to be an effective way to inform and educate the public about the horror of this industry. Many internet radio stations and podshows, and even mainstream radio has given airspace to this message. In particular, Sue Marchant, a presenter on BBC radio Cambridge, UK, played the song on her show less than a month after it's creation.

Another high profile presenter from Canada, Paul D. Richmond, of Zest Radio Show, CKRG 89.9 FM Radio Glendon, continues to play 'I Am The Owner Of This Coat' regularly, and he encourages his listeners to learn more about this subject and to ask questions and to make their own minds up, as to whether individuals wish to add anything to this campaign if they feel it is something they care about. Paul Richmond also invites thought and contemplation about the planet and its need for compassion and renewable energy, to promote a better future for generations to come. Many of Paul Richmond's listeners are college graduates and young musicians, but there is also a broad spectrum of followers from all age groups and backgrounds, including the independent music community, a community where response from listeners is valued, and feedback is often prolific. So far the interest in the content of Zest Radio Show, which broadcasts once a week on Fridays, during the regular school year, (September to early December, January 'till the end of March) from the Glendon Campus of, York University in Toronto, Canada is rising drastically, due to this presenters' willingness to discuss topics on his show that others are loath to expose. The show will soon have its own server in order to keep up with high demand. It is certain Zest Radio Show will always offer creative ideas on how to improve life for small communities, and therefore eventually impacting in a positive way, for the betterment of our global humanity.

Kyle, the manager of  has also recently added a forum topic discussion thread to his mp3 music website. Mixposure is a leading music site and a place where musicians can now share their thoughts and concerns regarding the fur trade. Many members of mixposure, some extremely talented artists from all over the world, now have an option to display a banner on their music page, which shows their support for an end to this horrific trade. Some artists have been in tears and have expressed their upset when learning dogs, cats and captive wild animals, such as raccoons and foxes, are in fact skinned alive for the purpose of using their pelts in fashion accessories and trinkets, coats and scarves.

One of the problems that needs to be addressed is that fur labelling laws are ambiguous. Fur is reaching consumers under confusing labelling tags, such as 'unknown origin' and names such as Gae-Wolf (and similar) often mean finished products will not show which animal a fur garment was derived from, in fact shoppers could be buying an item that they believe is fake, when it may have been taken from a living animal. This common practice is leaving buyers in doubt, or ignorance, as to what they are actually purchasing, and so items are bought unwittingly by many people that would indeed be shocked if they knew of the circumstances in which these animals were being killed.

The guise of 'fake fur' or 'faux fur' seems to be serving the fur industry very well, as a cloak of mystery, from under which they can operate unhindered, and make a vast amount of money. But it is obvious that the consumer would prefer to be made fully aware of exactly what they are purchasing, and especially if current fashion statements are leaving behind a trail of blood... Yes, the cruelty and suffering within this business is almost beyond belief. To view recent film footage and proof that the carnage is very much a reality, please visit this website -  - Warning, the content is graphic and shows animals being beaten and skinned alive.

I will continue to support the musicians against the fur trade campaign, in a peaceful and musical way, and I hope in the months ahead, laws and regulations will be changed, in order to make certain that no fur in our marketplaces is real. World conscience, as voiced by compassionate animals lovers is saying and singing a very LOUD and UNITED 'NO TO FUR'

Maria Daines

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