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A little girl's Christmas wish: Bring Lennox home

Bonnie Snider
Animal Advocacy Examiner
 December 6, 2011 

We all get into the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, but one thing always stands strong among all of it -- Family. We look at our family members, both human and animal, and reflect on all the wonderful times enjoyed together over the past year. For most, it brings smiles, heartwarming memories and joy.

For one little girl, joy will only come from one gift -- For her beloved Lennox to come home to her. Lennox, her therapy dog, her "bestest friend in the whole word" was taken away from her in May 2010. He was taken from his loving home for no other reason other than his measurements on a seamstress' tape measure. His family hasn't been allowed to see him, other than in videos taken of his various assessments by professionals, since the day he was seized. (See links provided for Lennox's story.)

Lennox represents breed-specific legislation (BSL) at it's very worst. Pit Bulls or any bully breed resembling them in the UK, the U.S. and many other countries are singled out. They are torn from their loving families and killed simply because of the media's focus on a few bad deeds done by ill-trained dogs. Lennox is an innocent victim of this madness, and his best friend, Brooke, has had her heart broken from missing him.

This is the second Christmas that Lennox and Brooke will spend apart from each other. While others around the globe can reach out and give their beloved furry family members a gentle pat, a loving belly rub, a special treat; Brooke can't do those things for her best friend.

A beautiful tribute to Lennox for this second Christmas spent locked away called "Jingle Bells for Lennox" has been written by the multi-award-winning and passionate animal advocates, Maria Daines and Paul Killington. They've written a prior song for Lennox, and other songs about the wrongs of BSL. This special tribute has been made into the YouTube video provided with this article, with thanks from the family to J. Tyrell Once. The lyrics are written and sung to the tune of the original Christmas song "Jingle Bells".

If you haven't already done so, please add your name to the petition for Lennox linked below. His fate remains precarious with the death sentence hanging over his head and the final appeal still under review in an agonizingly-slow legal process that has left Lennox and his family holding their breath and wondering if the days ahead will see Lennox take his last one.

Help bring the smile back to a lonely little girl's face and joy back into her heart by joining the "Save Lennox Army" and helping to bring this innocent boy home where he belongs. It's the best and only gift this little girl's heart longs for this year.

Take a look at your own family and then think how it would feel if your own cherished dog was torn from your arms for no reason except how they looked, and then sentenced to death because of it. Once you do that, it's guaranteed you'll want to add your voice to help bring sweet Lennox home, so Brooke never has to spend another Christmas without her "bestest friend in the whole world".

Advocates from around the world are sending loving, positive thoughts to Brooke, Lennox and all the families who have suffered or are suffering because of BSL. We will never give up the fight to end this madness.

Click here to sign the petition to free Lennox.
Click here for the official website of the Save Lennox campaign.
Click here for the other music by Maria Daines and Paul Killington about Lennox and BSL.

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