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Abandoned In Romania


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Some time ago a dear friend of ours, Daniela Dragomir from Romania, sent us some information about the plight of stray dogs in her country. Over the course of the next few months we kept in touch and we were determined that we would write a song for these dogs as soon as we could. Well here is the song that was inspired by the most terrible suffering of thousands and thousands of innocent dogs that have been left to the misery of their short lives, in a country where animal welfare laws are not effective in protecting them and shelters are often no better than street life.

On the streets there is the danger of being caught by the dog catchers. Dog catchers are teams of men that round up dogs and kill them brutally.

Whilst there are very few good shelters in Romania there are several excellent organisations who work all year round tirelessly to ease the suffering of dogs at the mercy of weather conditions, illness, injury, starvation and lack of any care.

Education is needed along with practical help and funding, in order to implement spay and neuter programmes that will ensure the stray dog population is slowly redcued.

Funds are needed urgently for suture material, nutritious feed, timber for kennels and to pay for labour costs to build and repair shelter.

Please share these links and use the banners on your website, post in forums, tell your friends about the plight of these dogs, the animals welfare organisations supporting Romanian stray dogs cannot do this on their own, they need help from all of us to put into place a much better safety net, this will make a vast difference to the problem and will mean far fewer dogs are abandoned in Romania.

We would like to thank Daniela Dragomir for all her efforts to help the street dogs of Romania and for translating the lyrics into Romanian language.

Our thanks also to Mary Alice Pollard, Cornwall's Voice For Animals for her invaluable help as always.

With best wishes
from Maria & Paul xx
IMPORTANT LINKS - 132/384538213/Atrocities_in_Romania/ panicdriveseuropeandogpurges03.06.htm panicdriveseuropeandogpurges03.06.htm

'Abandonati in Romania'

Abandonati intr-un oras din Romania
Si peste tot in jur miros de moarte
Nu se ofera mila in Romania
Tu vei fi norocos sa primesti ce-a mai ramas

Sintem multi, sintem putini cei care sintem iubiti
Sintem ignorati, raniti, suntem pierduti
Nu exista nimic si nimeni pentru noi
dind din coada ne bucuram inca, pentru ca noi sintem increzatori

Sunt doar un caine pe strazile Romaniei
Am fost nefericit de-atitea ori pina acum
Resemnat astept in umbra durerea
Lovitura de ranga sau arma mortala.

Am vazut raul, am vazut lucruri pe care tu n-ar trebui sa le vezi vreodata
Oamenii sint liberi sa ne produca suferinta
Noi asteptam si speram, si slabi
Nu sintem doriti pe nici o strada din Romania

Sunt doar un caine pe strazile Romaniei
Am fost nefericit de-atitea ori pina acum
Resemnat astept in umbra durerea
Lovitura de ranga sau arma mortala.

De ce nu-ti pasa de mine?
nu vezi, eu nu pot sa-ti fac rau,
Romania, te rog asculta-mi ruga
Noi suntem inimi pline de speranta libertatii'.

Suntem niste bieti caini pe strazile Romaniei
Am fost nefericiti de-atitea ori pina acum
Resemnati asteptam in umbra durerea
Lovitura de ranga sau arma mortala.
In spatele fiecarei carti postale din Romania
Suntem noi, cei franti, damnati, cei morti
Nealinati, nedoriti, uitati
Romania, de ce lasi sa se intimple asta?

'Abandoned in Romania'

Abandoned in a city in Romania
And all around the smell of death...
Pity isn't offered in Romania
You'll be lucky if you get what's left

We are many, we are few who are loved....
We are shunned, we are hurt, we are lost
There is nothing and no one for us
Yet we still wag our tails for we trust

I'm just a dog on the streets of Romania
I've been kicked around so many times before
I hide in the shadows for pain to come
The beat of a stick or the killing gun

I've seen evil, I've seen things you should never see...
There are people who will hurt us for free
We are waiting and hoping, and weak
We're not wanted on any Romanian street

I'm just a dog on the streets of Romania
I've been kicked around so many times before
I hide in the shadows for pain to come
The beat of a stick or the killing gun

Why do you not care for me?
I can't hurt you don't you see?
Romania, please hear my plea
We are hearts full of hope to be free...

We're just the dogs on the streets of Romania
We've been kicked around so many times before
We hide in the shadows for pain to come
The beat of a stick or the killing gun
We're the broken the damned and the dead
Behind every postcard you send
Untended, unwanted, untamed
Romania where is your shame?

© Maria Daines/Paul Killington
All Rights Reserved
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Letter From Elena Cristian -

We revert to our previous appeals to you with a new letter and photos:

The stray dogs problem in the XXI st century�s Romania - an always outstanding problem?

The stray dogs problem in Romania would be easy to solve if:

The authorities would be preoccupied for real to tackle the problem
no pet, dog or cat, would be abandoned by its owner or, since the a.m. seems utopia, at least the animal lovers would understand the cause of this thorny problem and would choose the right approach, the only one that leads to a real solution.

The last years� experience leads to the following conclusions:
the castrate � release program can�t solve the stray dogs� problem without measures to prevent and stop pets abandon.

The continual flow of pets abandoned from private households � apartments, courtyards, factories, institutions will always feed the strays population; for instance, suppose that all stray dogs in Bucharest will be instantly neutered, their number won�t drop but continue to rise due to the abandon, getting the authorities to apply radical measures as it happened in 2001.

The catch � kill program, i.e. the actual administering program of stray dogs, can�t either solve the problem from the same reason: the continuous abandon from the private households onto the public domain gives the dog catchers the certitude of their jobs, safe from any fears they would ever lose their jobs.
The present administering program of the stray dogs actually does nothing to solve the situation, but it�s just an INDUSTRY OF DOGS� KILLING, intended to ensure good salaries to an impressive number of employees, and to bring extra incomes to officials in high positions.

What other conclusion would result from the fact that for some good years the authorities have hardly tried to encourage the abandon and discourage the adoption, using all means: laws; manipulation by mass media? In other words, they: allow people to abandon onto the public domain as many animals as they want, free from any penalty, though it�s a misdemeanor to abandon a pet - collect the pets � the abandon victims � as if they were guilty; impose aberrant laws and fees intended to definitely obstruct the adoption, kill all the dogs that have not been claimed or adopted, aware that the next day will resume the actions with the newly abandoned dogs

The shelters neither can offer a solution; they can only keep a limited number of dogs.

The offer overwhelming the need, the adoption programs are far from being a solution to cease the nightmare of the dogs killed in the public dog pounds.

None of these programs can�t offer the solution not even altogether since they only address the effect.

The cause of permanent presence of stray dogs in streets resides in the private households; the �bomb�, the source is located there; all actions should be focused on the cause.

We can compare the endless problem of unwanted dogs with a permanent flood caused by a tap let open on purpose. Even though to get rid of flood first of all you need to switch off the tap, the authorities refuse to take steps against the cause; so that fabulous amounts from the public budgets are wasted by authorities for they just to pretend that will ever solve the problem by emptying the flood with a bucket, which is quite an aberration.

To allow the uncontrolled proliferation of the pets from private households, being aware that many of them will end up in streets is definitely THE GRAVEST ACT OF CRUELTY AGAINST THE ANIMALS EXERTED BY AUTHORITIES.

One will ask, if all the aforesaid programs can�t solve the problem, what else would do it?

The answer is quite simple and easy to find within the legislation of the other countries that have already settled the matter:
the control of private household dogs and cats reproduction the permanent monitoring of these pets by entering them in an unique national database, with a view to get the owners responsible and to stop the abandon.

Once this program set up and closely controlled, the flow of new dogs and cats into streets will dramatically drop. Only in this situation we could call for the castrate and release program to be set up and the population of stray dogs and cats on the public domain will be kept under control.

The mild dogs and the cats could be neutered and returned to the public domain and the dogs with behavior problems - isolated in public or private shelters.

All mayors would then easily solve this problem by taking the above mentioned steps. Should no owner abandon his pets, the stray dogs would cease to be a problem in 2 � 3 years.

Of course we refer to the well-disposed mayors, not to those that use the poor animals as a source of raw material for their profits, which is against the law.

We can conclude that:

A program acting against the EFFECTS only will never put an end to this phenomenon, only a program acting against the CAUSE, by permanent monitoring the private household dogs and cats can guarantee the ending of the strays� nightmare.

In France for example the authorities went beyond neutering and releasing the dogs in streets; they took firm measures against the abandon. Since 1991 all dog owners have the obligation to register their pets with the national database; the abandon of pets is an article of law in the French criminal code. The article 453 of the French criminal Code sanctions the abandon with a fine of 500 � 15000 FF and/or imprisonment for 15 days � 6 months; the penalty gets double in case of relapse.

A similar problem faced Italy in 2001; they started alternative programs to neuter & spay both the dogs with or without owner and monitored all dogs by microchips. The result was rapid and visible, they now getting to adopt dogs from others countries, the offer being under the need.

Meanwhile in Romania the authorities keep on lying to us that only by killing the dogs they will come to an end with this problem.

We invite you to support us to achieve the monitoring program of the household dogs and cats as mandatory step for solving the strays� problem.

In Romania the pets are related with 2 major aspects: the problem of the household animals = the cause, the problem of the stray animals = the effect. The first problem continually feeds the second one; so long as the first one is not regulated, the second one can�t be settled.

The law for animal protection no 2005/May 26th,2004 should have solved the first problem but fails to do so. (legislation)

Art. 6: for the purpose of this law, animals maltreatment means: to abandon an animal of which existence depends of man�s care.

Chapter VII: there are considered contraventions the following acts:
e) cruelties against animals
(2) the contraventions settled at alin. (1) are sanctioned as follows:
those from w. e) with penalty from 10.000.000 (250 �) ROL to 20.000.000 (500 �) ROL

Unfortunately it is just a piece of paper; to date there are no application norms to this law.

ANSV (National Sanitary Veterinarian Agency) that worked up the law hasn�t got time for 2 years to do the application norms or the monitoring of the owned dogs and cats; is this not done on purpose?

The mayor halls have time enough to spend huge amounts from the public budgets just to catch and kill the overflow of dogs abandoned by owners.

By allowing that they also favor the mayors that use the skin, the bones or fat of the dead animals, though the law no 227/April 23rd 2002 at art 9. forbids that: The bodies of the killed through euthanasia animals or collected in the street will be cremated and it is forbidden to use them for obtaining leather, fats, meat, protein flour and other products.

What is written on paper and what happens for real are 2 different things�.
The finest gloves are made from dog skin; the finest lipsticks are made from the dog belly suet etc.

Access the following site; the images are shocking:

We recommend this site to all people who wear clothes and shoes and uses products resulting from exploiting MAN�S BEST FRIEND.

Please see the truth behind these words and please also have a look at our photos and petitions:

You could help us change the things; there is power in numbers.

Romania is due to join the European Union in 2007 and, as such, should bring its laws on animal protection and welfare into line with the relevant Community standards.
We salute any EU officials, journalists and animal welfare organizations willing to join us and support our efforts!

With respect for life,

Elena Cristian



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