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Lyvon faces legal attack

Addressed to the musical band Lyvon we want to ask you for support since our musical band has been denounced by Juan Lado Palmier, the man who killed his German sheepdog "Ronnie" by beating him up in Aguiño's locality (Galicia, Spain). You can see the video here but it's not suitable for sensitive people:  and to whom we wrote the song called "Juan Lado Cagón" (Juan Lado, Coward), In English, "You Evil big cock".

After a year and having composed another song honouring to the ALF and condemning the terrible experiments that an university in California was doing with a macaque monkey called Britches (song here:  ) this man wants to summon us to the courts.

Juan Lado Palmier accuses to our musical band basing in a offense of damages, telling that we have injured his dignity and reduced his reputation and honor through the mentioned song and he has taken legal actions on us. He has summoned us in the courts on the 16th of this month (Wednesday of the next week) in the court N 1 of Ribeira at 12:10 in the morning, presenting in proof the video that we uploaded on YouTube Spanish , English, and an article that he extracted from the website of a Spanish news site called "Tele Cinco" as well as the lyric of our song in Spanish.

We call you to a moral support and to a diffusion of Juan Lado's denounce against our musical band. Juan Lado, not satisfied with the murdering of the animal as you can see in the video and of having several lawsuits with his neighbour Federico Real (The man who recorded the terrible images), he has decided to denounce to our musical Lyvon for the compose of the song.

Our musical band can defend from these accusations and, in any case be condemned, in spite of it, and having in mind that we feel implied in the fight against the animal mistreatment, Lyvon will not stop at any moment in compose songs that have relation with any type of animal mistreatment.

As we have said before we call you to a moral support and diffusion, since the dog that Juan Lado killed beating him up with two different sticks, "Ronnie" could not defend himself, but our musical band can and more and more with your support . We ask you to spread in order that the whole world knows that Juan Lado, far from feeling his reputation and his honour harmed because all Spain and some other countries saw how he was killing his dog, he does feel damaged by a song in which he is called "coward" by allusion to the cowardice that his act reflects by killing to an animal in that terrible way.

We claim for your support!!

Advanced thanks for your support and attention.

Yolanda Pérez. and Eugenio Toribio.

info [a r r o b a] lyvon [p u n t o] com

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