Animal Rights Activity

Linda Gentille is one of the most active animal rights advocates online today. Through her efforts many animal rights advocates have stayed involved.  Thanks Linda!

Linda Gentille, formally known as the "Piano Princess" is considered one of the world's greatest pianists. Linda Gentille Liberace was quoted in 1986 as saying: "Linda plays as beautifully as she looks!" Liberace Prot?? Performed with Liberace on his shows at Radio City Music Hall Performed at The White House for President and Mrs. Reagan. Longest running Act at The Golden Nugget in Las Vegas Awarded "Community Key Award" by Kiwanis Club of Atlantic City Awarded "Best Act" two years running in Atlantic City April / May 1997. Completed record breaking "Piano Concert Tour" of China. Linda started playing the piano at the age of nine and received her acting training at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Linda has had experience on stage, movies, television, commercials and in print. But music has always been her first priority and love. Linda learnt her lesson well from her mentor, the "Master Showman" Liberace, with whom she toured for two years. In her fans opinions, Linda's talent and presentation rivals that of Liberace. This young woman's piano artistry is phenomenal. In addition to her music and speaking the universal language of "love" through her kindness, actions and her radiant smile. She is an animal lover, and is quite involved in animal rights issues with PETA, The Humane society, and many others. She frequently gives concerts to raise money, and awareness to the suffering of animals around the world.

?My life's work is now my music mixed with my message of compassion for all creatures. I became a vegan years ago after reading about the terrible suffering involved with animals in food. Thank you for continuing  your work as a Voice for the Animals. Good Luck.?