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Leona Lewis Rescues Bunny

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Photo: Kevin Winter, Getty Images

by Eliot Glazer Jul 29th

Get this: Pop singer Leona Lewis was walking down Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles last week shopping for some fancy duds, when she spotted a homeless man sitting tight with a leashed white bunny. When she asked the man what he was planning on doing with the animal, he replied, "Don't know -- probably eat it."

On the spot, the vegetarian X Factor winner asked how much she could pay him to rescue the bunny, the Sun reports, and after he asked for $20, she generously dropped a Benjamin (that's, er, a $100 dollar bill) into the man's hands before scurrying home with her new friend (whom she's since named Melrose). Leona's new pet will roam her Hollywood Hills garden, likely alongside her Rottweiler, Rome.

This isn't Leona's first animal rights act. Last year she turned down a $1.6 million offer from UK department store Harrods to open their summer sale, because the shop sells furs.

Call us crazy, but considering her gracious act, we're going to take the vegetarian, animal rights activist's smash hit, "Bleeding Love," a tad more literally from now on.