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Kim Powers

Kim Powers, singer songwriter, has a song for ALF, Monkey Bizzness.

download song "Monkey Bizzness":

Monkey bizzness is here, inspired by the incredible work done by the people who care, and who take direct action to save and free animals everywhere. Go to the blog on one of my myspace websites where you'll find the correct info about just how useless these terrorists and torturers experiments are...I'm afraid that the overwhelming size of the animal vivisection business and the power of the pharma industry is too great to overcome without direct, the pharma companies bring in so much money that Banks and other industries which are connected just can't say no.... the politicians are also deeply in love with the banks...... oh i could go on and on, if you really begin to break it all down, its absolutely massive.

I've seen on the nbc news on itube that ALF supposedly done 40 million dollars worth of damage, without hurting any that a lot of money??? NO its not, at least a big boss of a well known pharma company in Switzerland says its not and he should know because that was his wage packet for the year 2006.The Swiss government have bought 6 million doses of a certain vaccine against Bird flu (Donald Rumsfeld's "Tamiflu")!! who can trust him? my doctor said he wouldn't recommend it because it doesn't work and I'm quite sure that a vaccination of the whole population would be on the cards if more than 2 pigeons die.. just to justify the purchase.

Thanks for the protection boys (who earns the money???).They keep us all in fear of God fear of fear of sars.. in fear of the pigeon plague.... The next piece in an ever growing puzzle is this, everyone in Switzerland has to have a personal health insurance which at present costs around 270 usd per month with this you can go to the doctor, hospital, specialist or psychiatrist., in future psychotherapy will mainly consist of psychopharma HAPPY PILLS! no more psychotherapist, just swallow these pills and forget your problems... these pills are based on years of torture and misery of all types of animals (how can we expect them to heal us?). The visit to the psychiatrist is mainly 'cos of our sick society.. HOW MUCH MORE CAN WE STAND?

Pharma company boss owns large amount of shares in own company ,then shares in health insurance company which then dictates to doctors which are the 'preferred medicines to be prescribed'. muchos money on bank account =happy shareholders= happy bank directors = happy politicians = Very sad and sick world.

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION to stop the monkey bizzness and all other cruel and useless experiments on animals. For friends from Switzerland i recommend this link to Agstg Schwiezer Tierversuchsgegner

Every living creature has a god given soul!!! Every living thing should be respected NOW!

big hug Kim.

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May 4, 2007

Here's another link to an article...same article but really big media company with TV radio and papers..... I'm surprised and happy to maybe wake a few people up.....



Kim Powers lehnt sich auf. Mit seinem Song "Monkey Bizzness" ergreift er Partei für diejenigen, die sich selbst nicht wehren können. Der Erlös des für die Animal Liberation Front geschriebenen Songs wird verwendet, um Tiere auf der ganzen Welt aus Tierversuchskäfigen zu befreien und neue Heime für sie zu finden. Kim nimmt im Blog bei ALF kein Blatt vor den Mund und vergleicht den jährlichen finanziellen Aufwand der Tierversuchsgegner mit dem Salär eines Schweizer Pharma-CEOs. "Jede lebende Kreatur hat eine gottgegebene Seele", schreibt er unmissverstänlich und "Jedes Lebewesen muss respektiert werden - jetzt!" Der Song kann für den Spendenbeitrag von 1.49 sFr. bei herunter geladen werden.


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