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Kellie Pickler Vegetarian Thanks To The Power Of Blonds

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Kellie at Children's Hospital

http://vegetarianst 10/29/kellie- pickler-vegetari an-thanks- to-the-power- of-blonds/

Written by Veg Star Staff on October 29th, 2008

Kiss that meat goodbye, girlfriend!

We always like it when someone crosses over to our side. Country music star and American Idol finalist Kellie Pickler is the latest celebrity to become vegetarian. Even better, she's talking about it.

In People Magazine, she credits both Pamela Anderson and Carrie Underwood for helping her convert. We call it the power of blonds.

Pickler first switched to being a veg for health reasons. Then she saw a video by Pamela Anderson on animal rights, which, much like the experience of Anthony Kiedis, convinced her there was no turning back.

"A lot of it has to do with knowing what happens to the animals and it really bothered me and so I will not eat meat," she said.

So Pamela Anderson is the first blond. Then comes fellow Idol alumnus Carrie Underwood. When she made the decision, she began texting back and forth, asking Carrie all sorts of newbie questions, such as "Is fish considered a meat?" Underwood, being the ever supportive teacher didn't know if Pickler could pull it off at first and was amazed that she stuck through it.

Being a small fish in a large pond, Pickler is careful not to get too preachy. There aren't many vegetarians in country music, with Shania Twain being one of the few.

"Most country girls do like their meat!" she said.

Now one less country girl eats her meat.

via People

http://vegetarianst 10/29/kellie- pickler-vegetari an-thanks- to-the-power- of-blonds/

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