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Joan Jett Heating Up Aussie Animal Rights

Following the announcement that much loved rocker and vegan Joan Jett is now our Ambassador, we have started receiving some pretty awesome support from all over the world! Along with many academics including barristers, doctors, teachers, lawyers, students we have been contacted by loads of people worldwide wanting to know how to live a truely animal loving life!

And we were thrilled that The Australian gave us a shout out! Australia's leading national green mag "Green Living" also features a full page spread on our founder in this month's issue Jett bomb attack

NEWMAN may need more than tough talking when Joan Jett tours Australia later this year. Sunshine Coast group Vegan Warriors has issued a statement from the veteran rocker -- who wears pleathers, not leathers -- condemning the "insane, inhuman" treatment of our wildlife. "I am proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with Vegan Warriors fighting this battle," Jett warns. And who would trifle with the woman who wrote, "Hello world, I'm your wild girl, I'm your ch . . . ch . . . ch . . . ch . . . ch . . . cherry bomb! Cherry bomb!"

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"The Animal Rights Movement is the greatest social justice issue since the abolition of slavery" Michael Kirby QC OAM

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