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Jean-Luc Dancy


is a French- born singer songwriter now living in Germany.

Apart from his music, his greatest passion is the protection of animal rights.

A dedicated vegetarian, he takes every opportunity to promote the cause of vegetarianism and animal liberation and opposes hunting, fishing and every king of animal exploitation.

This is what he wrote in November 2005:

"Human beings simply do not have the right to kill animals in order to feed themselves - no more than they have the right to kill other humans.

Whoever, or whatever created this world did not give us that right. We seem to think we are the most intelligent creatures on earth (and I'm not at all convinced of that!) - then, if that is the case, we should use that so-called intelligence to respect and protect other living creatures.

We human beings are not meant to eat meat: our dentition and intestine would look quite different if we were! The trouble is that medical people all over the world keep trying to persuade us of the contrary. A vegetarian friend of mine - who is still alive and well at the time of writing- was told by his doctor twenty years ago: "I give you about three years to live if you stop eating meat". My friend answered: "What exactly do you mean, Doctor? I've been a vegetarian for the last ten years!" I rest my case...

To those who keep on saying to me: "But we have always eaten meat. It's tradition and it's part of our culture..."- I reply: "Slavery, and later Apartheid were also traditions and part of the culture of certain countries in the past, but it doesn't mean to say they were right or even excusable!"

I sometimes wonder what aliens from other planets must think of us if they observe our behaviour here on earth: at least 80% of all human beings living in poverty; thousands of innocent people being daily jailed, tortured and murdered; even in the so-called "developed countries", a tiny minority living in the most despicable luxury while millions are desperately seeking work... not to mention the way we treat animals! I think those "extra-terrestrials" would probably dismiss us as the lowest life form on the planet!"

Jean-Luc Dancy

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