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Jamie Glaser - Lucky's Wonder of Chinchillas

In the last decade chinchillas have become extremely popular as pets. People all over the world are now seeking information about their care in a friendly atmosphere.

Hi my name is Jamie Glaser and I am the owner of the forum Lucky's Place.

Though I am best known as the guitarist for the TV show Seinfeld and Married With Children as well as musician on 171 more albums my passion has been about protecting and educating people about chinchillas and other pets.

For 4 years I was co owner of Luckys Wonder of Chinchillas and this year I went out on my own and started national classes as well as my own forum.
My goal was to have a forum that is friendly , fun and informative without the bickering , argumentative nature of so many forums out there now. We are a rescue friendly forum and do not discuss or endorse breeding at home.

If you have a pet of any kind I would like to invite you to join our free forum, and I thank you for reading this.

Thank you
Jamie Glaser

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