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Guitarist Ira Black on Hunger Strike in Jail

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Current LIZZY BORDEN guitarist Ira Black, who has previously played with METAL CHURCH, VICIOUS RUMORS and HEATHEN, has gone on a hunger strike at the Los Angeles County Jail because he claims that veganism is not being recognized by the facility as "valid and sincere."

Ira was taken into custody the morning of January 3, 2009 on a misdemeanor charge (he apparently had a warrant out for his arrest for an unpaid fine) and is being held on $65,000 bail.

Black's fiancée says that the guitarist "has been in the system for over a week now and has had to survive on a miniscule diet. Ira has been a vegan for 15 years and it seems none of the local correctional facilities will accommodate any inmate with a vegetarian or vegan diet. They will give inmates with medical problems or religious beliefs a different meal, but there is no concern for the vegetarians/vegans.


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