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Indigo Dreaming

Hi Guys - so here is the Guardian video. So pleased we got some footage of Indigo. This is what we do guys!

Indgio Dreaming-Cool-2-Master.mp3


Attached is a song entitled 'Indigo Dreaming' from Joe & I. A Roaring Eastern Jazz/Blues Fusion Instrumental Dedicated To All the Creatures of the Sea which are being systematically Destroyed & Now...Also Dedicated to All the Homeless Animals and their Owners. Inspired by this Man's Dog 'Indigo', in Hope & Prayer That God Will Bless Them Always! GOD Bless Them All!

Mary Alice Pollard ~ Cornwall's Voice For Animals

Maria Daines & Paul Killington & We All Are Waiting & Working For Change!

 Rich Russom
Rest In Peace ~ Aloisa/Russom
Richard Russom
A Beautiful Slide Video of This Privileged Planet & It's Spiritual Impact on All It's Creatures!

(Show link)

From the preface to ?The Story of San Michele? by Axel Munthe (written in 1929) ~ ?All that is best in me I have given to the Animals and I mean to stand by them to the last and share their fate whatever it may be. If it is true that there is to be no heaven of rest for them when their sufferings here are at an end, I for one, am not going to bargain for any heaven for myself. I shall go without fear where they go, and by the side of my Brothers and Sisters from the Forests and the Fields from the Skies to Seas, lie down to merciful extinction in their mysterious Underworld, safe from any further torments?
-- Axel Munthe 1857 -1949

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