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Heather Mills Buys Leading Vegan Food Supplier

Heather Mills has said that her acquisition of a leading supplier of vegan foods to the health trade was "a dream come true".

Sir Paul McCartney's ex-wife said she had been a fan of the Redwood Wholefood Company and its "ethical, compassionate foods" for "many years".

The firm said the acquisition, for which no financial details were announced, would allow Mills to "promote veganism globally through her own restaurants and brands".

The move puts her as a potential competitor to the line of meatless frozen meals launched by Sir Paul's late wife Linda McCartney in 1991. Mills, an animal rights campaigner, said: "For me, buying the company is a dream come true."


full story: article/ALeqM5jVhjzlmRMPOGVrzVVegH_BSAXu1g

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