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George Sequoia

1) Oh Damn! (I should have cared) - 
This song was written after I came past a farm one day where thousands of creatures live short miserable captive lives in batteries and tiny pens, most of whom will have never seen the light of day, until the time they are taken to the slaughterhouse that is!. Animals have for thousands of years been used and abused by humans, now mankind is starting to realise that these creatures are not just meat on legs to be reared in their millions just to fill the human stomach, a growing number of humans are changing their views and now look upon them as fellow beings along life's way, I like to think that my songs contribute to the welfare and benefit of these glorious fellow species.

2) What about Love -
Religion continues to be a very powerful influence in the world and still controls the lives of millions of people, I have found the religious justify the killing of other creatures without questioning the necessity. I was so fed up one day following a conversation with a religious person that was just so hard and callous that it caused me put pen to paper and I decided write to expose such injustice of animals at the hands of misguided religion.

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