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November 2008. GaiaisI released a music video-assault on the fast food industry. Focusing on factory farming, animal cruelty, and the threat to human health, the song "Enjoy Your Meal" was filmed in Toronto outside several downtown locations of McDonald's and Wendy's.

Because of the negative nature of discussing the realities of fast food, he also produced a "Supersized Special" of the video where he took the camera crew into his garden, an expert vegetarian chef's kitchen, and filmed people's positive reactions to the organic, locally grown, entirely plant-based meal they gave out at the McDonald's after filming the music video. There's also an interview and a few other tidbits aimed at giving a comprehensive look at food issues as they relate to climate change, environmental catastrophes, animal welfare, and human health.

Although some have labeled McyDee's stock "recession-proof", GaiaisI would like to prove this wrong, and start redirecting funds to sustainable and humane food growers and vendors.

Check the video and if you like it please alert others in the best way possible, and let's help spread this subvertisement around the world. Any other networks, or means you know of for spreading this I am all ears. The video is viewable on my website under "videos" @

The Supersized Special is also at the above address

GaiaisI is looking for the best means to politically organize a legal ban on factory farming, and would like to know of any petitions or campaigns that are seeking to bring this about. GaiaisI wants to organize people to demand we bring this whole torturous machine down in one political stroke. And he's looking for something that is internationally adaptable, as not all countries share democratic opportunities, and sometimes we have to stick to old fashioned voting and phone, letter and electronic bombardment of politicians.

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