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Emmylou Harris Develops Pet Adoption Program

Emmylou Harris Develops Pet Adoption Program
Star Establishes Shelter In Backyard
Reported By Alan Frio

March 29, 2007

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Mention the name Emmylou Harris and the first thing that comes to mind is music. However, the country star and Nashville resident has another passion in her life: saving animals.

Video: Emmylou Harris Makes Effort To Save Animals

Harris has a passion for rescuing animals that are on track to be euthanized and has recently established a new program to help these unwanted animals.

She frequently will allow animals to stay with her until they are adopted out.

Harris named her backyard shelter, located in her an upscale Green Hills neighborhood, Bonaparte's Retreat after her late dog.

But she said what really tugs at her heart are the animals she could not save. She hopes to use her star power to educate people on spaying and neutering their pets and making the public aware of the plight of unwanted animals.

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Learn more about Bonaparte's Retreat and how you can adopt a pet.

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