Ellipsis is a psycho metal band in France. Their 3rd record will go out in October, 2006.

The first song is about vivisection -- Perfect Rage -- Ellpisis uses their music to support the action and to communicate about the right of animals.

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 Band members
 Emmanuelson : Voices / Guitar / Keyboards
 Phil : Guitar
 Manu : Drums
 Khallys : Keyboards
 F.L.A Eklektika : bass
 Please take a look to the SHAC This is my Perfect Rage - FLA From Beyond Thematics

Ellipsis : weird music for schizos, some might say... An original & fascinating universe for the others...

All in all, a frenzy, unique, multi-paced, psycho metal sound that the French tormented horde has been building for more than a decade. Released in 2003 & 2004, "Comastory" and "From Beyond Thematics" are two enigmatic concept albums, each one focusing on a different facet of the realms here and beyond, somewhere between mysterious moods and hauting melodies.

The long awaited third full length album is scheduled for the grey autumn month of October 2006. Still recorded by mastersound Terje Refsnes (Tristania, Nightmare, Theatre Of Tragedy, Morgul, Green Carnation...), "Imperial Tzadik" will lead you towards an ever more psychotic and emotional journey. Expect nothing but a monument of experimental sonic art fuelled by sincere and sensible mind powers.

Imperialism will rise again !

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