Past Lyrics

LAW & ORDER (throughout the land)



Looking for an answer to end all the violence
But you'll find no solutions behind the white paper
Searching for a way to break down that fence
Do you really believe in this ludicrous caper?

Mountbatten murdered - a rebel gunman's been shot dead
"They're all murdering bastards" - or was that something that I read?
Well, whatever - it's just the same -death, destruction, violence and pain

This side, that side, that side, this side
What side? Any side. You can't side me
That side, this side, this side, that side
What side? Any side. You can't side me

Where could it end? What could the outcome be?
One thing's for sure there'll be a lot more corpses before the Government can see
A lot more screaming bullets. A lot more children dead
And a lot more 'Bloody Sundays' all painted in red

A lot more pointless talks and a lot more death walks
A whole lot more of whose tribe should rule
The squaddies on the corner. The gunman's on the roof
Who's the real terrorist? Well don't look to the media for your proof

The British Empire ain't what it used to be, mate!
And it's a bit late to try and make it great
So, what's the point in fighting out there?
British Constitution on a land's fate

The 'Vengill' computer sums it all up
It's just packed with reasons to cut people's lives up
Well whatever, it's just the same
Death, destruction, violence and pain

I see no point in deciding
Because I won't fight for troops in Ireland
I won't shoot the IRA dead
And I won't smash no bastard's head
Because I don't want to die
Do you want to die?

This side, that side, that side, this side
Right side, wrong side. Can't side me
This side, that side, that side, this side
What side? Your side. Can't side me


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This is mankind and mankind kills
You think that women are just here for thrills
Your filthy morals just fucking stink
Don't try and get my hands in your sink
Don't call me your "bird"; I'm not your pet
Well, I've had enough, right up to my neck

This is mankind and mankind kills
Why should women be raped at your will?
This is mankind and mankind kills
Why should women pay for man's thrills?

Why don't you get married?
Wear that wedding ring?
Can't she see it's the only respectable thing?
She'll cook his meals
Sleep in his bed
Do anything he says


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Waiting for the medical. Waiting for the test
Waiting for exam results, "do your very best"
Waiting for the signatures to sign your life away
Waiting for the games, they want you to play

War is not a game, not a game of fun
Shooting real people with real guns
Learning how to defend your precious country
Learning how to die, not them, just you and me

Nuclear war isn't much fun
When the bomb drops
Where you gonna run?
Where you gonna hide?
What you gonna do?
It's not a horror movie
It's happening to you

Waiting for the day
When the peace will come
That day is long away
So, what's that outcome?
No point in fighting
Who will be accused?
But maybe someday
The bombs will be defused


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Left wing, right wing, you've heard it all before
But can you spot the difference when they're knocking on your door?
And while you're poncing yourselves up to follow hoards of shit
Just remember how it feels to be pushed, punched and kicked

You can't change nothing with your violence and your hate
Do you really think that by smashing heads, you're gonna change the state?

You talk of people dropping out, but the system just loves you
You stand in line and are counted, now your revolutions through
Because the moment that it started, it was arranged, then logged and filed
More of your mates will die now; soon you'll see them neatly piled

You can't change nothing with your violence and your hate
Do you really think that by smashing heads you're gonna change your fate
The battlefield is set at Margate, and the bloods gonna run so don't be late

Well they can keep that because I don't want to know
Won't play no part in the Mr. Muscleman show
Won't be told that I should fight with you
Because the real enemy sits back and grins at us too

There's always people who'll hate what you say
There's always people who'll lock you away
There's always people with jobs to do
But they're still fresh and blood like me and you

Forced in jobs that they don't want to know
For monopoly money that's made to show
Taught to compete against the people on the street
Down on your knees, don't you think that's a treat?

This is planned from early on, when you're just tiny little mites
Squatting in the classroom, learning how to read and write
Hearing all the good things, like how to be polite
What we realise now is that they had control of sight

We were told of Gods galore and heroes more
But never of the people who were beaten to the floor
Told to admire all leaders great and tall
But never told it was those bastards who made the people crawl

If you look quite deep enough, you'll see its all a con
A look at past history tells… all Government is wrong!


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They practice so-called justice, law and order their first trick
They practice so-called justice and soon they'll want our necks
They think we are their scapegoats, they look down on me and you
Well just let them believe that, until its time to see who's who
Sometimes I wonder how much longer it will take until people start to realise that the law is but a fake
But across the world rebellion's restrained and turned against itself by the media's brain

First it's the facts, then they're attacked
Chained to their lies to maintain pride
Always one side, always their side
Never our side, fuck the lot

Always titles, always disciples. They're packaging bullets for the rifles
People are dying, people are crying, while other people are mystified
People are dead, the colour was red. Lives are through, the colour was blue
People are fighting while people are writing. But I realise someone is hiding the truth

There's pressure in the east, pressure in the west. The pressure's building up but the rulers know best
How to hold back the masses who beg and demand. For the slightest chance in a change of command
A command that forces a lifestyle of sin. Then picks up the pieces and locks them in
That has the power and time to access and control enemy number one - the press

'People die in horror cell' on the front page of the Sun
Then the page is turned and the real fun has begun
The horror is diluted as the page three girl arrives
Shapely tits, big bulging arse, a sparkle in her eye
More and more and more and more the horror becomes distant
It's swept aside with packaged lies, presented like a present
And the time it's taken in is as your team is winning
A person's died, another's lied, but there's no sign of the killing


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This is the country you're supposed to be free. The democratic society
You're only free if you accept their views. And if you don't they'll imprison you
Young gangs fighting for respect, but everyone's a police suspect
The rich say anything for extra money. We are their prostitutes and they think its funny
This is the country that's supposed help you, but only the privileged get a fall out shelter
The police force, army, Government and more. The tight arse shits who will start the war
This fucking place is in a mess. The usual people are being oppressed
Kept at bay by piles of pointless laws. And all reasons kept safe behind closed doors
The reasons that they keep from you are the reasons that they've got you beat
They turn you against people like you, people like you on the street
Fighting wars is senseless; this country is not great
Wars are fixed by people who surround themselves with hate
Great Britain thinks it leads the world so civilised, pure and free
Great Britain doesn't lead fuck all, Great Britain, shit, you don't fool me
Smashing Argies - Falklands' ours, Falklands' ours - what a con?
We ain't even got a place to stick our arses on
Fighting wars in Russia, fighting wars in Spain, killing in Northern Ireland, it's all the fucking same.


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From day one they say 'listen to me". You are born with eyes but they're not to see
Keep looking straight ahead and don't let them stray. Don't question anything, don't think or debate
Because you've seen it once before and you'll see it again
The strange disappearances of those who are the same
The same as the people who fight for their rights
Then backstab each other in middle of the night
The whining freedom anthem songs
Sacrifice the lot to end all the wrongs
"A few lives ruined but we still have the songs"
But the troops are marching on and on and on

We sing our own songs; we choose our own ways
You try to ignore us, but we'll never go away
Looking down on us from your privilege and greed
Taking all you can and making others bleed
Destroying all you touch now your answers are through
I'm sure we can do better than you
The left wing manifesto, the right wing sham
Tells us we can't, but I tell you we can
They might tell us we can't but I know that we can
Stuff your lies, you know we can, we can


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You don't care about people's thoughts. You probe into the mind, then you haunt
What you print, people believe, complicating lives, what the fuck does that achieve?

Now you're looking for some news, changing around facts and views
Receiving money for empty lies. Sly reporters I despise you

Will there be that extra in this week? Now you're climbing to the journalist peak
Sitting at the typewriter making more lies up. Rearranged to suit you, then fuck me up

Now I'm getting sick of you. Coming around here, making news
Whatever you print, you can't lose. But can't you see the damage that you do?


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Four minutes left in the game to play
Since that day in forty-five we've never had a say
Was it solution to combat the right?
Or just to stay ahead in the never-ending fight
The president's plaything in the name of Manhattan
Just another Hiroshima for him to flatten
The protest signs are spread across the earth
But will the protests pay their worth?
They keep us at bay with piles of businessmen's excuses
Planning hard, they've got us bored, but our blood will run like juices
How long left now? The hands tick by
Will we get our answers to what, where or why?
Who'll press the button? Who'll start the war?
Who'll survive the slaughter? Who'll perish on the floor?
The part you play in this fucked up set leads to the overhead threat you'll never forget
The times up now, no protest crowd
Just have you got your final shroud?
It's coming now. Now! Now! Now!


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They say from acorns great oak trees do grow
And from evil man the genocide does flow
From the expenditure the shock waves spread
And the innocents in masses are easily led
It don't really matter if it's communist red
Or whether its fascism that causes the fatal blow to the head
America still don't realise its mistake in 'Nam
But they were not on the wrong end of the napalm
They still carry on their search for power and glory
Just another chapter in man's story
Across the world, they rear their ugly heads
Across the world in bloodshed red
The story begins to wear thin
They say its in the name of law
Will Vietnam be the forerunner to El Salvador?
Another nine years of killings, injuries and rapes
This year's winner is the Watergate tapes
And this year's Kissingers a man called Haig
And the descendants have all caught the red, white and blue plague


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Political factions stepping into line
They think they're helping people when they give a nazi sign
But if they knew the truth of what was going on
There'd be no campaigns or party broadcast songs
They're sitting in the backrooms giving orders out
Go and smash a wog a week and get the bastards

Make a perfect world; is that your fucking aim?
Or are you just another sect who wants its slice of fame
Government, law and order, can't you see that that's the con
Can't you use your fucking heads and see what's going on?
They're all just rulers to dish the orders out
Go and smash each others side, but leave the people out


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Another fine timing for a step into line
For four budding young stars who've just found the time
An old tune and shit words, as long as they rhyme
Well just watch them boys because they can't fail this time
Well I've heard all the screams of another barmy army
But who sits in hotels with champagne and salami?
It only leaves you to be the one who's barmy
You're being led on to make a superstars fortune

Yeah, we live in dead cities, and the streets are grey
But I don't need Top of the Pops to make me think that way
I can see this rebellion on my TV screen
But no sign of a future for you and me
A slight reflection of the past, but that didn't last
Because the people who mattered weren't rolled in the cast
They're lining up another lot, all idols who will be nailing down the coffin on me and you
You tell me about the Conflict barmy army. Well, excuse me if I laugh, but I think it's rather funny
That when the businessman farts the punters go running
We are just the latest pile of shit; can't you see what's coming?

The businessmen whisper from backroom thrones
Their long grasping tentacles are hungry and strong
Top chart hits and in future, we can't go wrong
But it's only their wallets that get fat on our songs
Does it really matter about the businessman side?
I don't really give a fuck, if punk's dead or alive.
Top chart hits and future, they can do that for you.
But just ask this question, is it false or is it true?


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The backlash has started, but we ain't fucking laughing
Take a look at how much has changed, there ain't much to smile about
We've done four years of begging and a lot longer struggling
Well ain't it about time, we took back what is ours

Punk formed as a movement to set right what was wrong
The opposing side said no, we're right, you're wrong
They controlled our bands with money and they all sucked off our sweat
Well that's the fucking lesson we never must forget

The time moved on and rebellion just seemed to be a bore
As one by one the leaders collapsed, the money bought the whore
Time and time again, we heard new promises were made
But words was all it was, the action was delayed
They tried to salvage something, but the mistake was already done
With CBS and EMI backing what went on
Those tears upon the stage, we heard they all came from the heart
And if we all stood together, it would just be the start
Well the start just never happened, as our hopes ran down the drain
Now take a good look, you'll see its happening again
The punk movement once strong, once offering real change
Is searching fame and fortune, and that just ain't the fucking way

Punk is still our movement; we can put right what is wrong
By learning to say no, we're right, you're wrong
Fuck their fucking future, it means oppression, war and hate
It's time to turn the tables around and recreate the state


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Filled with love and compassion. As she fixes her make-up for a day of fun
He reads the news, it depresses her. With reports of death by bomb and gun
Astride their horses in the winter lanes. They smile at nature with tenderness
They hear the call, hold hands with pride. And look down at the bloody mess

And civilised upright citizens grin, as the dog's teeth tear at shrieking skin
This ain't savagery; it's jolly old culture. As they stand and wait for death like vultures
She laughs as the bloody fur's flying. Re-applies her lipstick as the animals crying
He claims the tail as privileged prize. And kicks the mangled corpse aside

The time has come when we all must turn around and start to think
No more standing in the corner. Question the missing link
The link that created the misery and pain. That sees the mistakes, but then makes them again
You've heard it once; you'll hear it again. Your blood, their blood serves the same

There they stand and there they grin. Never thinking or questioning
"Why blood of innocents must be spilt". They smile but they can't hide their guilt
That their life is built upon a pile of bodies. Slaughtered animals? Slaughtered squaddies?
The pleasure they take from another's death. Hides the truth that murder feeds their wealth

She smiles at him as dead eyes stare. He takes her hand and strokes her hair
His fingertips soaked in misery are the mark of aristocracy
And the broken form lying in the ditch. The handiwork of the dog and bitch
Bears the label of decency. The honour given so graciously

And backs are slapped in celebration. The success of extermination
Freedom maintained so humanely. As they wipe their hands of blame so bravely
Back at home she wears the fur that proves his precious love for her
Death and glory on her shoulders sit. As the master takes what's rightfully his

Murder is committed in the guise of sport. Ripping flesh is given no thought
Glasses are raised in dedication. The crime is given a justification
Heart beats faster, eyes wide and staring. Death comes whistling cold, uncaring
Slaughtered animals, slaughtered squaddies. Their wealth is built from murdered bodies


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I'm walking through the grey walkway of the city
And through the brightly lit shops and supermarkets
And I'm walking through the fields of the innocent
Passing by the fairytale farm
Balancing on the brittle edge of a short life
That is ended by the knife

The factory's still churning out, all processed, packed and neat
An obscure butchered substance and the label reads "meat"
Hidden behind false names such as pork, ham, veal and beef
An eye's an eye; a life's a life, the now forgotten belief
Yet, everyday production lines are feeding out this farce
To end up on your table, then shat out of your arse

Yet, still you're queuing, and still you're viewing
Sawing out limbs just right for stewing
Carcasses piled up in a heap
Sort, soft, juicy chunks from freezers deep
Well, can't you see that that juice is blood?
From newborn throats, red rivers flood
Blood from young hearts blood from the vein
Your blood, their blood, serves the same

Now you're at the table, sitting, grinning
Sitting there eating, you never realise the filling
It's served upon a sterile plate, you don't think of the killing
The furthest your brain takes you, "is it for frying or grilling?"
You moan about the seal cull, about the whale slaughter
But does it really matter whether it lives on land or water?
You've never had a fur coat; you think it's cruel to the mink
Well, how about the cow, pig or sheep. Don't they make you think?
Since the day that you were you born, you've never been told the missing link?

As I'm gazing at the baneful products
And from behind the bright colours and false smiles
I can smell the lingering death
And see the decaying skins
Forth from the green grass
The pungent smell of decomposing meat
That penetrates the walls of the kitchen
And from the red lorries on the black
In unison with the red lights and the red juice

Yet, still you're queuing, and still you're viewing
Sawing out limbs just right for stewing
Carcasses piled up in a heap
Sort, soft, juicy chunks from freezers deep
Well, can't you see that that juice is blood?
From newborn throats, red rivers flood
Blood from young hearts blood from the vein
Your blood, their blood, serves the same

The Sunday kitchen spills out the stench of the abattoir
The butcher's blade glistening in the eye of the 'master'
The deadened life of a baby sits upon the plate
The spilt guts falling from the chute to the basting tin
The carcass from the carcrash
In the age of the train-direct from the gates of Sobivor


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There's a place that's neatly tucked away, beyond the other side
A place of which you'd never dream there'd be a need to hide
For the building is surrounded by pastures pure and green
But the image hides reality, and the distance kills the scream
That comes from inside is never exposed to the air
For the place is packed with scientists who show how much they care
While the guard stands bravely at the gate with guard dog by his side
The same breed of animal is butchered inside

Well, what a fucking waste of money, what a fucking waste of time
A fucking waste of money, what a fucking waste of time
A fucking waste of money, it's a fucking waste of time
What a waste of human knowledge, what a fucking way to die

There ain't no fucking truth in the inspector's files
As he walks down the death corridors, he covers his sighs with smiles
He sees the pain and agony, but remembering his position
He's got his place, just another face, but he's just not paid to question

He thinks it's rather funny because he's earning lots of money
When his eyes are forced aside as out slides another trolley
Another tray of corpses, unlabelled and unmentioned
But it's no good asking "why, why?", because they never fucking listen

So, liberate…

Animal testing to detect thalidomide
Torturing and killing while there's loads more things to try
The suffering and the pain, the excruciating pain
It all goes over and over gain
This fucking witchcraft won't solve anything
For it's the same experiment over and over again, over and over again… again


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The system maintains law and order throughout the land
On which our futures already planned
To serve the leaders quest for power
To remember our position, to respect that shower
Who divide the masses the rich v the poor
The left and the right, who create civil war
This is forced upon us from birth until death
We've heard of freedom, but it just don't exist

Systematic force rules right across the land
And if you don't want their future then you've got to make a stand
Everyday we support that shower
The office boy, the dole girl, gets taxed by the hour
There ain't no possession, no need for pride
You're just a human being, so push that shit aside
Position and status is the trick they use on you
And if you try to be yourself, they'll beat you black and blue
Divide and rule is their method of attack
A clever fucking trick to hold the people back
Fight one another and you fuck yourself, fools
If you're looking for the answer - the answer is you


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She wakes up in the morning; the sun is shining in her face
She turns her head around; she shares the blanket on which the love embraced
She looks out of the window; it's a lovely day outside
She tells herself that things are fine, he pulls the sheets to cover his eyes
The essence of the fresh air, that garden held the love affair
Thinking back their minds are torn in muddle and confusion
So far away another sits, who tries to make the best of it
He don't know quite what's hit him, it's another love illusion
He gazes in his empty room eyes fixed upon her picture
The loneliness, dejectedness, God how the fuck he's missed her
His eyes turn turn to the window, the military roar by
He wonders how much hatred could evolve out of the sky
What God had done for peace on earth, what man destroyed from day of birth
They are concerned with feelings; they're just ashamed to cry
And one mans plan to push the button makes other sacrifice
The serenade is dead and now the only question's why?
Why when we are young, we're told it's right to love
Told it's human nature and that comes from God above
As time moves on we realise that we all look from the pit
While a plan hangs above us, to keep us in the shit
Because the minute we are born, we're told what's right and wrong
Raised with certain morals, never mentioned in their songs
As we grow up, we find out that the paths been neatly set
In a world of such destruction, we only can regret
Regret that is the word of it, as we look for our way out of it
Why can't they understand we don't want any part of it?
The pain they create everyday, that just ain't gonna go away
We've got to stick together, but still you're asking why?
The system stands strong, as our movement starts to crumble
The pressure we once held, has just turned into a rumble
They've got us where they want us, and you all just accept that
Well don't you think its time; we started to hit back
They are the enemy; they want a rope around your neck
And if they will go that far, then what the fuck is next?
Forget the revolution, we've heard it all before
Heard all of the promises of nineteen-eighty-four
Its an impossible task, "oh yes", it stands before us all
Well maybe you'll believe it when your back's against the wall


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The second album full of same old songs
Fighting back against a system which is cruel and wrong
Yet another battering ram against a wall of power
A blasphemous attack to blow the leader's cover
It's a message from those who won't take no more
Of seeing the privileged profit from the poor
Of the scientist's piss they call research
Of being told we're scum and should be birched

Well bollocks to them all, keep smashing at the wall
Pile the pressure on and Government will fall

But it takes more than music and more than words
To recreate a nation that's controlled by hoards
Of police, army and fuck knows what else
That they've got waiting for the backlash from the people who care
To question their control, their dividing lines
Power must be tested, it's testing time

Power must be tested, we've heard that time and time again
But no matter how much pain and protest, nothing seems to change
The Government show forces and our movement cowers in fear
Some still strive for freedom, while others simply sneer

It's the same old racket with the same old songs
Well it's the same fucking system and it still stands strong
The battle continues so bollocks to them
Who mock our anarchy then bow their heads again
You try working for something that a system can't make
Creating something that a law can't take
Back as a loss of privilege for stepping out of line
Power ain't been tested, so now's the time to fuck them up again


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LAW & ORDER (throughout the land)

No more law and order. Those words they say it all
Its just one human being denying another of self rule
The police ain't authority, for all they do is serve
The state they do their dirty work to make the people learn
They interrogate, discriminate, smash demos and assault
They sort out all the queers and keep the wogs locked in a vault
And they're here for protection but protection for who?
They all wear the same badge that says fuck you all

Oh yeah! They're here to maintain rights; they're here to keep the peace
They've also got the right to lock up and not release
Any form of rebel, they'll even work against their own
Because they bribe them, very well and they may also get a home
Protect their privilege no matter what the cost
Now you're the piggy in the middle and they couldn't give a toss
They sit back and laugh, yes they laugh at you too
Because they also wear a badge that says 'we use you'
It's just the same old story of a state going wrong
Where possessions matter and people don't
Don't be surprised that we've turned against you
Because if you side with them, it's fuck you too

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No, there's no fucking way
That anything's going to change
It depends on you and you know
We can protest until death, they won't listen
Don't sit back and think it will happen
They won't give up what they have robbed
Stand up and resist

But while the leaders have caught on, we see that they've prepared for civil war
While on our side we squabble about who does what and who sells more
There's women with just one reason, to fight for their equality
Forgetting the system holds superiority

First, we've got to come together, so fuck the differences
It doesn't matter if its noise or music, to them we all talk piss
To them we're the sick farce, now lets not prove them right
If we're to stand the slightest chance, we must unite and fight
We must never give up, make sure our message ain't forgotten
That's if they won't fucking stop, then we're gonna fucking stop them!


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Mother Nature smiles and cracks a new days dawn
Most people on the earth are sleeping comfortably and warm
Out in the fields and pastures, it's another new day too
One without the war and hatred that is known by me and you
A shriek disturbs the peacefulness; the cat's just killed a mouse
The mother says with feeling as she looks out from the house
It's breakfast time, the clock strikes nine, ham, bacon, one egg or two?
What a shame about that mouse, what's for tea tonight, lamb stew?

Well, there's things to do, so the family divides in separate ways
Father works to earn the keep, he's a butcher and well paid
The daughters go to riding school mother washes up the crap
One son plays with soldiers; the other aggravates the cat
Back out in the fields, a different story's taking place
Foxes cower with their cubs to escape the human race
Rabbits run for life, deer take cover in the trees
The mother sighs with disbelief, then prepares the meat

Think what you're doing the systems set to ruin
The life not the profit we've got to fucking stop it

Because before too long there will nothing left alive
Not a creature on the land or sea, a bird in the sky
They'll be shot, harpooned, eaten and hunted too much
Vivisected by the clever men who prove that there's no such
Thing as a fair world with live and let live
The royal family go hunting what an example to give
To the people they lead and that don't include me
I've seen enough pain and torture of those who can't speak
So I'm gonna speak for them in an all out attack
And if someone tries to whip me, then I will fucking whip them back
Because I have had enough of this madness in those theatres of hell
Enough of them hounding the fox to the kill
Of baby seals being clubbed, their mothers cut up
They satisfy their greed, their wealth's built on blood
Of their slaughterhouse haunting the back of the mind
The gas chamber of the farm life, the end of the line

It's a shame about that mouse!


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Punk still means much more than fashion
A movement made that no one can change
It's a form of rebellion; it comes from the street
And it's made by idiots like me! See!

We're all caught in a web of power
And we are all holding each other in place
Forced into position by one another
I see I'm ready to break free

But… I can't move unless you fucking do
You can't move unless I choose to
How much longer are we gonna wait?

I never said it could, I said it would, it can, it will, it is happening


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The music press grins but did you think they would help us?
No, it's not in their interest; freedom's not what they want
The change in their life style would destroy the bank balance
Much rather they would shit and watch the world collapse
In their fairytale city, they poison the mind
With rock 'n' roll for entertainment
So, the nation won't find out about
Corruption, control, the distribution of wealth
It's a plan based on distraction, well see for yourself
They make millions profit now who's on what side?
Do you see them lift a finger as the starving victims die?
Some people tried to change things, tried to clear out all the shit
Big bosses forced a clampdown, anarchy must not exist!

Fuck off if you don't want to help, that's the message loud and clear
From the con men you once labelled, you bastards just don't care
Just who the fuck are you to talk? You even sell yourselves
OK you've got your own opinions, well now have ours as well

Shut your mouth, because you don't understand the way things are
The way we live, the role we play is not a superstar
For you to use, build up, smash down as you see fit
You dozy jerks you write such shit

If we sound like a bad phone call then you've got a crossed line
If we tell you the same as yesterday, well, did you think we would change our minds?
You say we look too violent, say our message is forgotten
Well, if you don't like that tough, because that's the only face I've got!

You don't know shit… you make me sick


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Cruise missiles have arrived, despite our protest and anger
The fucked up fucking shits took no notice of our banners
They ignored the nation's pleas of a chance to work for peace
They reinforced their laws and brought their servants to their knees

While Maggie sits back in her province of power
The nation's scared shitless in fear of a shower
Of the worst thing that would be possible
The destruction of the world, the murder of us all
God save the Queen, are you sure it ain't the banks?
It's the profit of all nations that makes the leaders wank
From the Germans to the Russians and the Great British too
The people are the same, it's the Government who…

…Fuck, rape and destroy our world they treat as a toy
The truth they abuse and hide with war, threats, system and lies
Thirty million will die while the royals and Government hides
So, the nation's wealth can survive but the rest of us just fry

The man Hesletine sits and gloats at his warheads
Thatcher observes, "oh, there's a hundred thousand more dead
The missiles roar over, there's nothing they can do
But there's still a chance to stop it and that relies on me and you
Maggie sucks Andropov in her brothel of power
While Reagan gives speeches of bullshit to cover
The fact that its profit that brought the missile fear
Well ram them up your own arse, because we don't want them here
What are we going to be doing now it's 1984?


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So much for the change, the re-arranging and politicians declared dead
So much for the troops forced out of Ireland, the police abolished?
I read that things had gone too far and awareness had caused concern at the top
But their backbone must not crack, so their city will not stop

We need a whole new ploy to direct our motives and anger
Force what we see as right but the system holds our banners
We need that new ploy, direct our feelings and anger
Force what we know as right, make our feelings turn into action

Meanwhile senile morans are shitting bricks because they know the people have learnt
Just who's who and who funds what. It's time those bastards tables burned

But it has all been said in another time
And if I have sung it once then it is a thousand times
That if we don't do it now we are never gonna break
Free from the oppression that makes us hate
Free from their law, their hypocrisy
From their war that turns our sunny day grey
To free all the animals locked in a cage
Slowly going mad with fits of rage

It's time to overcome 1984
Forget that fairytale, slam shut the door
It's time for reality, not false hopes
It's time to show them who's the joke
It's time to take, it's not too late
So much for the changing, re-arranging, everything else we said
So much for their scum forced out of Ireland they increased the pressure instead
If things have gone too far then action will prove fatal to their props
Yes that backbone might not crack, but their city tears apart!


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So Thatcher's slime escape again
More of the shit they make us take
Still no end to their sick reign

See Raygun's army rule again
Four more years to kill the sane
More of his napalm-neutron-hate

And meanwhile Russia sits and waits
Prepares her perfect time to take
The seconds gone - annihilate!

There's a bomb gone off in Harrods yet another in Belfast
Well I say bollocks to the army, in fact - kiss my arse
That army aims for one thing, it inflicts misery and pain
Well for what you do to others you must expect the same
In Eastern countries people cry
In Northern Ireland people die
America and England bank their lies

Throughout the whole world people cry
Throughout the whole world people die
Worldwide leaders fuck our lives

Murder, you scream murder well that's the way I look at things
But is it right to gun down children because they have got their own feelings
These monsters that you title, you madden until insane
Well in my book you're the bastard because to you it's just a game

Plunging deeper and deeper in a sea of degradation
Still looking for our answers to stop annihilation
Thatcher's barmy army who just shit upon the poor
Kinnock's fucking puppets for the people - fuck off
The police, the marines, all choose to side with them
The SAS - their hitman to break rebellion
They all don't give two fucks for us, so I've no time for them
They can build their Berlin walls but we will smash them down again

They tear our fucking earth in half
Expect us to slave for their behalf
They're fucking living in the past

It was your bomb in Harrods and they're your bombs in Belfast
Because that's what you have created, it is no fault of ours you arse
These bastards that you're naming, why not try the mirror mate?
Because that bastards your reflection, your oppression creates the hate


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Mighty and superior we are the rulers you're the ruled
We say the grass is greener on the other side, but you can't see that of course
We represent the nation; it's our people we put first
We even bail out third world countries
It's our investment they deserve it
Simply forcing back the Russians with peace missiles built for trust
Screwing with the Yankees - law and order is our must

Sick and fucking tired of their collaborations
Forwarding the clock to our extermination
We've got a one way ticket for a seat to destruction
It's their choice our must to rise with the mushroom
Hail to the mushroom - the total combustion
The realisation of annihilation
Poseidon's answer, the trident blunders
Your choice our must to die, but you are wrong

Mighty and invincible as they boil the seas for power
Recruiting armies on the land to protect the state that cowers
From the Ruskies - from the dollar
One's investment one is our enemy
These people why can't they love?
Human feelings don't that matter?
Much rather they would rule, building castles and tycoons
Throwing a crust out to the third world, sending rockets to the moon
Making missiles, tanks and bombs
Nuclear power for our homes
Raising hell up from the mines
To the last human sacrifice…
Well, if you think all's well and strong, there is a movement that's uprising
If you think we can take that, you've got one hell of a shock coming
You might just have pushed too far - you are superior to nothing
The Ungovernable Force is gonna drag you out of hiding
You think you have got us beaten, but you make one slip and you'll know it
We are watching every move you make, as you are us! But forget it
For once we take an inch, you just watch us take the mile
Your servants have turned their backs on you, now the world starts to smile!

Mighty and superior you are the rulers; we're the ruled
You said the grass was greener on the other side, but we couldn't see past force
You represent your people; it's your own kind you put first
You bail out third world countries, your investment to preserve
Forcing back the Russians with peace missiles built for?


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Some still show strength while others just show anger
Holding back our only chance for the sake of never learning
Just who and what is on our side, one thing that ain't is time
They're just waiting for their moment; can't you see their guns are loaded?
And pointing at our lives, ours they will destroy
Without even a second thought, do you really think they care?
They couldn't give a fuck, but why should they fucking bother?
When we accept the shit they've shat, they think there's no chance of attack
Complacency creeps in, cracks form in the foundations
Systems start to seize up - power mongers flee the nation
All power's been abducted; its protectors have abandoned
The ship that sailed to no avail, the mutiny destroyed the sail

Well if you think things change that easy, think those bastards will ease up
Dream they'll end our nuclear nightmare, that they will give our world back to us
You'd better get an eyewash and wipe those illusions from your eyes
For you must be fucking joking, they won't give up without a fight

If it's a fight they want… they've got it, but we had better be prepared
They're gonna come at us like hell for leather, not one of us they'll spare
They will destroy us with their armies, smash the anarchist's brainless skulls
So why the fuck are you just sitting back saying, 'Oh that's just the way it goes'

Yes, that is the way it is going, but all paths can be diverted
Directions can be changed - and it's up to you to lay the surface
You're not alone so how about trying to get up off your arse
Preaching ways and making statements, okay, that's fine
But that won't change the nation
Piling on the pressure, with mass action as back up
Yes, let's take the fight to them! Why wait for them to come to us?
Let's pull together and give them the test that will never be forgot

Mother Thatcher orders meeting with archangel Heseltine
Discuss a plan they've been preparing - 'The dream to end all time'
They pretend to shout, but whisper, as they plot their makepiece feud
Preaching, morality or insanity, whichever one attracts the hordes
Crushing revelations, moving in on love and trust
While slyly cornering our freedom, making sure it doesn't burst
Out to the manipulated mass of darkness that has been conquered and forgotten
'Fucked hard' and left for hopeless, like the scum that passed before them
The task of the almighty to prove the unbeatable hand of right
Encouraging the challenge to attempt to slay their might
These bastards that force rule and quell all hopes and pleas for peace
Just can't wait to get their final chance to prove supremacy


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Fuck off you fuck your violent threats your attempts to control the nation
Fuck off you fucked up facist cunt, understand the situation
Back off you slimy worthless prick, you ain't got a clue what you are facing
Eat bricks you het up bastard shits, scabs; you'll get what you are creating
Who the fuck do you think you're pushing, "stay in place or get it"
I would think again to save your skin, because if you come too close you'll fucking regret it
You whine on all the hell you like, repeat your warnings of plastic bullets
The gas, the batons, the water cannon -the more you oppress the more we will resist

Riots, there ain't been a riot, but one's knocking at your door
You have seen nothing yet but household pets but you'll soon feel the lion's claws
Proclaiming laws last victory, of containing rebel shower
When the time is right you'll get the fight that will totally test your power
Inciting, provoking trouble that you know can easily be beaten
To maintain the image that we need you, so thus re-confirm your position
You might trick some you scheming scum, but you'll never get our obedience
You can batter, beat us, even imprison us, yet still you will never ever never defeat us

Belfast…Brixton…Toxteth…Tottenham…St Paul's…Handsworth…
Reclaim the streets, reclaim the towns, reclaim the nation

What revolution? This revolution, we all wanted a peaceful solution
But this institution, that institution, smashed all hope of getting through to them
Confrontations, escalating violations of the law
Repercussions of the mass destruction which in the end is sure
To mean them pumping out the bullets, their protection from the poor
We will win because we have to; we ain't got nothing to loose no more
And what they lose they undoubtedly will forfeit forever
"They've got the guns, but we've got the numbers"
And we give no apologies ever!


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Laws are made to be obeyed and that's the way the system stays
The country stands with troops at hand who provide protection for the state
At school you're taught to play the fool, the path is set, followed by all
Employment gained the nation's safe, it's all for one and none for all

It's time we dismissed all their lies that keep us in position
Their demanding obligations
Their deliberate segregation
Their world of degradation
The mass negotiations in their pointless pleas for sanctions
Class conditioning starts from very young
If you are rich or you are fortunate you get trained and treated better
And if you're not it's just tough shit
The elite are brainwashed into believing that they are respected and highly valued
Rewarded with a higher salary bribed with that extra special interest
Destined to end up playing an important state role, or even protect and serve authority itself

Laws are made to be obeyed and that's the way the system stays
The country stands with troops at hand who provide protection for the state
Schools are used to preach the rule; the path is wrecked, destroyed for all
Employment gained? The country's safe? Now one for all, and all for everyone


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(The mentality of the Met.)

A quiet sunny day, the scene is suburban
Not much going off, in fact it's a boring one
Ready and waiting in Bristol fashion
For my radio to bleep and I will jump into action
PC Caring's off duty for a while
A right prat he is, always helpful and a smile
Nineteen, well hard, DM's and truncheon
Headcase 'ere and I've got some lunch

'Headcase' fuck me there goes me radio
It must be a riot if they're calling for backup
I'm at the scene Sarge, what's going down?
There's a darkie in defiance, get that nigger off me, kill 'im
Don't do it in the open, kick his teeth in later
I thought I'd taught you police operations
Take him away out the eyes of the media
Then kill the bastard kill 'im
Make sure you don't bruise him
Oh, doesn't matter you won't see the bruises anyway
He's in the van, pile in everyone, c'mon, c'mon
That's it lads
Ha, ha, ha, I love it, let me have him
Let me kill him, yeah, nice one lads
Now if you wanna get overtime, you better take my advice
Promotion or demotion? Just never step out of line
You want to make sure? Sure we can discuss a price
But keep it shut, keep the image nice
We nick the unemployed, for they are just lazy
Scrounging off us taxpayers, it must be crazy
Join the force and give a helping hand
Because the rules of the force are the laws of the land

(Police Policy)

The CND are communists, we're sick of petty pacifists,
Greenham dykes, Trotskyites, Greenpeace and the rest of it
Rioters, muggers, looters, shooters, niggers are the cause of it
Repatriation for the nation, the simple way to deal with shit
Rastas, punks, mods and hippies, students, queers and dirty pakis
Demanding more than nothing less, but never want to work for it
Miners, printers, paddies, pickets, givin' it all the demo bit
We'll smash them back with our attack, because we're the guys to deal with it

You're here to serve? Protect the nation?
Stop all the foreigners' illegal immigration
You help old ladies across the road
Even if she has got a face like a toad
You re-assure, protect the rich from the poor
To hell with muggings, rapists and the whores
Maintain law and order, keep the public at large
The police is your profession… that's right, eh Sarge?


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If you take part in direct action or the police don't like the look of you; you are likely to get arrested
Here's some things to and not to do
You don't have to say anything, nothing, but it is advisable (but still your choice) to give your name, address and date of birth, and then say nothing else
If you don't give them this you'll find they will only hold you for longer
While they establish your identity, but if you have been previously convicted
Then don't give your date of birth, for you are on their computers in birth order
Then you are not obliged to answer any further questions at all
Most people that are caught are sussed out by their own evidence
The police are cunning but thick, don't hand it to them on a plate
You don't have to give your fingerprints, make them apply for a warrant
This sometimes is refused - especially if the evidence is flimsy
Never let them take your photograph this is only compulsory after
You have received a prison sentence, so don't let them tell you different
You can demand suitable food; you might not get it "keep on asking"
You are entitled to make phone calls but the bastards won't let you
Remember the arresting officer's number, or any scum that treat you badly
Make a legal complaint afterwards. Look bored - but stay polite
When they question say "no comment", don't admit to any weakness
They are bastards trained by bastards
To protect, detect, and prevent, us and our like from questioning
Let alone, threaten the power that they cherish
Whatever you go through in a police cell is nothing compared to the suffering inflicted by Governments
The state destroys, tortures and murders, we must stop them, using force if necessary
Remember that and good luck


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So what if we manage to stop cruise cruising in, will it make any fucking difference?
To the inevitable countdown to world war three, the power monger's decision
Will it be our lifelong stance, or our only chance, to prevent our world's destruction?
Will it be?

You fucked old Yankee crony git
You screwed up bastard commie shit
You evil hag with blood stained hands
Fuck you, fucking hang…

Fuck it, I just can't see any point in singing yet another wanky war song… the accepted target… can't see no point in mouthing off about atomic power… they know the risk involved, but still freely fuck with our lives… you know what they're doing yet still you let them… you think it will never happen… push it to the corner of them mind and forget it… for it's so much more comforting to 'relax' and don't do it…

Alternative to this, the masses join the CND
And fly it's helpless protest banner on demos
Listen to the whining wanky labour party
And wait for them to annihilate the fucking lot of us
Pathetic! You fucking bunch of jokers
When you hear the four-minute warning "It's too fucking late "
See your family and friends perish - the eyes melting - the skin shrivelling - blood boiling - bomb, death, listen, now

There's one minute left in the game to play
Since that day in forty-five we have never had a say
Was it a solution to combat the right?
Or just to stay ahead and never done fight
Thatcher's plaything in the name Manhattan
Another Hiroshima for her to flatten
The protest signs they are spread across the earth

But will our protests pay their worth?


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Censored - lyrics are banned from reproduction
Conflict - This Is The ALF.rtf

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Up rose a movement titled C.R.A.S.S.
Who spoke of anarchy and freedom putting power to the test?
A caring group of people who worked outside the system
Aiming for liberty and peace using passive resistance
They took on a larger battle challenging all the rights and wrongs
The state, sexism, war, religion. Love and hope spread from their songs
Punk is dead - now refuse to be led
Fight wars - not wars - oppose all power they said
They questioned institutions, reputations, the class systems
Destroying power not people, but also rejecting revolution
They never set out to profit from another
The music took a backseat so the message got louder
Unity, respect don't contaminate our earth
Is what was screamed at leaders in asylum, morals, values, what's it worth?
Those who couldn't take it tried to stop them with violence
They refused to play their game, and watched the political minds subsidence
Attempts failed feebly to create divisions in the movement
For it was real, unmarketable, not the bullshit we were used to

Yes we still have their fucked system, regulations, laws and threats
Whose fault is that? Not theirs! They're still doing their bit, are you?
People don't climb on the pedestal; they are pushed there
Questions developing leadership
When you know what's being said is right, why do you need proof?
For fuck sake- why can't you understand what they are saying?
The shit we get, the shit we get


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There must be a better way; there must be another way
There must be a clever way (but don't give the game away)

There must be another way; there must be a better way
There must be a quicker way

Twenty-one, good looking from New York
Custom built to make big business talk (it makes the women talk)
Next new product from their factory of life (lies) the shooting of a star that could never, not ever, survive
Custom rock it sounds like a sex aid, just as cheap and twice as nasty
A carefully planned deception, another cash in on reality
Rebellion from the NME, costs 50p, the positive direction
NMA build bombs for EMI and support apartheid's foundations
"To spread the message further" and get across to a wider spectrum
That we need no nukes or fascists, we should unite and then take "vengeance"
Well I'm sorry, as we can't take seriously your whining groans of hope
You made your world now live in it; to us you're standing joke


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Do I stand alone again in my endless search for freedom?
Challenging their might, defeated? Falling helplessly away
Crawling from the wreckage, their destiny is my future?
I feel the coldness as I step out into their darkness
So I stand alone the same in my hopeless chase for freedom
Clawing, I call, I call out, but again, I'm never answered
You stand there in your lonely world, in your careless search for freedom
While we struggle on, you turn hopelessly away
Destroyed and recreated, our destiny is the future
Now I feel the warmth, as the eclipse is forced away


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Now they're being led astray again, forgetting the battle we are facing
It's showtime, but you're supporting the foundations we are kicking
"Watch me I can play at 90,000 notes an hour
Know me for my power chords, not supporting of state power
I can play so fucking fast, if you don't move I'll kick your arse
We're so fuckin' tight we squeak, in fact my band are quite unique"

"That heavy metal driving sound, that's a real challenge
Three quid to stare at some thick arse, don't complain you're broke
Tough shit, you're not fooling us, the joke's on you
Follow and they'll lead you, right up the garden path"

"You can't handle I'm the best, the tunes, the power, fuck the rest!
The hordes they flock in cool as ice, don't question me, I'm always right
Call that a fucking solo, I'll do better with ten pints in me
Listen to my voice, I'm really fucking angry"

"Seen my bird, my Satan tattoos
I'm here to get fucked right out my nut
I'm jacking up, then falling down, but the lights, the dry ice, the stage act
Have you ever thought of directing energy towards action?
"Action, I'd sooner fuck my motorbike"
You pile of sexist, drugged up macho shit; you're a hindrance not a help
So go on bang your head harder, we hope it drops right off

Understand this, you might not agree with what they say, do, or stand for
You may just like the music and if that's all that concerns you fair enough
But don't ride along on the back of change, to play to all us caring, staring people
Forget it, we won't be fooled again
If a tune becomes so fucking important, if all that's talked about is notes, chords and bands, when a records becomes rebellion - an alternative to action
An excuse for doing nothing you helps them… to oppress us


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In the start, all that seemed feasible was to question the house that state built, its policies, and its governing force. Joined by others in unison rejecting state oppression and the way they abuse our earth and its inhabitants, a movement developed, anti-political and with no leaders, systems or rules. Using humane feelings to effect change instead of safe party manifestos - they label us anarchists. They brushed aside our pleas for peace and continued manufacturing their sick insane empire, we increased the pressure on them, demonstrated and screamed at its foundations.
We only want what is rightfully ours, but they won't give it up. We asked for change and peace, they declared war. They sank Greenpeace, smashed events and demos, reclaimed Stonehenge, our scrap of freedom, started killing the community, imprisoned all who questioned, and announced the police state.
The time had come to stop screaming at their foundations and start kicking them: - from protest to resistance.
"One way or another we will drive our vital message home, that is we won't let you destroy our world, we have the strength, will organise, and…"


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Still the warning same fucked weary Government hell bent on war
Wondering where the reinforcements for the next attack are coming from
Afar they are led like cattle to be scapegoats to the scheme
While the lady laps up double cream, Mr. Newman plans and dreams
First, that means deception lets be clever "we can fool the poor"
Secondly, attempts are made to cover up mistakes they make
When all else fails the boot boys, jump, get kitted out in blue
The rest is left to the imagination, you get the point, or it will get you
Some people said "no more of this". Planned carefully their resistance
Made plans whilst staying underground then up to overthrow the system
Moves worked well and feeling spread that "victories" were made
They raised their mighty fist again, and…
Clamped down hard on passive resistance
Slammed shut the door to freedom, no entry given
Built bombs, tanks, threw shit at our reality
Destroyed peace, made war, then called it sanity, no!


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Punk played it's own important role in the fight against oppression
Aired awareness, new opinions, destroyed formerly accepted obsessions
Right out the window went stale traditions, false morals blinded hope
Respect for authority joined them; we made them a standing joke
We said, "fuck off" smarmy popstar shits portraying images of a perfect world
Smearing a happy, clean face on reality, "it's the Queens Jubilee…" go to hell
Refusing to be puppets with the promise of a future, there is no future
So never mind the bollocks, because anarchy in the UK suits us
The public screamed in outcry, demanded immediate termination
The "scum of the earth" has raised its voice "How could they do this to our nation?"
The media tried to destroy us, stop the 'poor mans' rock invasion
The exposure only helped us reveal their hopeless situation

Gaining in momentum and numbers, we needed spokesmen
And that came from four people from the real world, just like the rest of us
We now had a voice, an alternative, our message getting louder
Nothing now could stop us rising up to meet their fast advancing challenge
But when the challenge came, they crumbled, as the four proved easy prey
For the states clever weapon money proved too tempting once again
Big bastard business cheque books opened up and then swallowed
Those leeches sucked hard slyly, and we couldn't believe the scenes that followed

Punk shops - " roll up! Buy your rebellion here!"
Badges, posters, bondage, books, colouring for your hair
Like sheep they flocked to buy punk rock, a part of the new threat!
The country laughed and screamed "punk flop"; it now seemed punk was dead!

They toured the lands to Disneyland We stood and could only watch
And ripped the state apart As they took everything we stood for
Destroyed the music status quo And made a mockery of it
And created a new start The four feeding finance straight back
Their jet set pads, the sunny land Into the system they supposedly despised
The songs of train robbings What was once the black flag of anarchy
It's just all more money in the bank Was now the colours of the Union Jack
So come on boys and girls and sing

The movement, punk rock, who cares? We are just another band; they were just another band
Direct action is what achieves change, not miming to words, how much longer must we sing the same old song?
Crawling from the mess that they'd left standing as our future
We realised we needed 'no one' to mouth off our message for us
Told big business to take a running jump, went back underground where we started
The tribe then split, as some stayed behind to mourn


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So Listen crowd of people and listen wisely, it's I, daddy Kerry, telling everybody
So what we gonna do about this mad lady?
Everybody knows she's gonna mash up the country

We must be patient in our struggle for freedom
The state shall make it's own mistake, don't feed them ammunition
Time is not running out, time be with us on our side
Maintain the resistance; see the end of apartheid

We're living in a Government style. No time for no fuss and fight, everybody must unite.
We must abolish apartheid

Brothers and sisters fear no more! Rise up and face this evil oppression
Sigh and cry no more, for one day, that fine day
The huge cloud that overshadows all. Shall lift, rise high, all say - forward

Don't shake the hands of the firing squad. There are no tokens here
Remember those burning eyes, them hungry bellies. No cure can exist in promises
Medicine cures all, but when cancer spreads, there can be no cure

Meanwhile brothers crawl on the deathpile to die. The result of western world economics
Meanwhile the bullet rips the flesh of the young mother. The flies feast on the eyes of the young child

Meanwhile - hey cool guy McDonalds man, eating the flesh of the fellow man
Wise up, sucking up to the good life. The Coca-Cola formula continues to run red
Rising high on the graph of oppression

Public outcry exists worldwide. Headstones still commemorate the many who have died
Coffins laid to earth. Resistance dead. Rowntree Mackintosh machine guns rise instead

Crucify jah children; suffer once again they shall
In honour, they retaliate. Stones against tanks, inevitably the innocent die

The bodies laying deep are your responsibility
How can sister from outside nation march in disgust at apartheid, whilst using dictator bankbook?
Finance fuels all and in retrospect, it offers nothing more than misery

Political leaders stand off, offering the false hand of opinion poll support
Political factions offer nothing more than violence
Ignorance breeds arrogance, arrogance creates violence. And that is their solution
The abysmal result of dictatorship. Their excuses for slavery
The chain around our necks. The guns in the street

Don't consider violence as an alternative until you've picked up bits of your relatives in the street
Until you've felt the whip crack tear the skin. The gas burns the eyes
The baton on the skull. The torture in prison

Use sanctions and the grey cloud will disperse
The constitution known as apartheid and it's ilk will be destroyed
And our world shall exist

Brothers and sisters
Such things cannot be bought and sold
Such things cannot be arranged by Governments
Such things cannot evolve overnight. These things take time

These things take time


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I listen to my radio; there's something I would really like to know
Do people care what's going on? Or rather hear another love song?

Move to the rhythms and make the break
Look and see the police state
There's guns undercover, a new law bill
Step out of line, the cells will fill
Four walls, a door, yourself to blame
You saw your life as one big game
Don't get me wrong, got to have fun
But realise something's got to be done

She's so fine the radio girl
Living it up to the outside world
Sunshine rock, Ibiza blitz
Goodtime girl puts my head in a whirl

How much longer can we go on living?
Where the rich do the taking, the poor do the giving?
You sweat your guts eight hours a day
So, the rulers of the roost can tax your pay
Make more for themselves with your hard-earned cash
But you dance in a trance, acting flash
Better wake up sharp and think again
The gun speaks louder than paper and pens
Might hear these words, might ignore
Trying to escape, don't know what for
Tired of being pushed around?
Think about it as you get on down
You're looking smart, but what's the use?
If you're living in twenty-four hour abuse

Stamp to the rhythm, dance to the beat. Do your voting with your feet
That girl in white, yeah she's alright. Forget it, she's with me tonight

Gotta pay the rent, but the money's been spent
Can't remember where the hell it went
Bought some food, hustled some booze
Feeling desperate, gonna break the rules
Got caught hot handed, put inside
Rebellion rocks, the night has died

She's so fine, the radio girl
Living it up to the outside world
Sunshine rock, Ibiza blitz
Goodtime girl, my heads in a whirl

She's so fine


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Eight years of hard labour now seems suddenly to fade
Away we stand defeated, at home the police invade
Prosecutions hit an all time high, A.L.F. friends locked inside
Our own they turn against us. Well you've got what you want, now shut you mouth

Fuck you, fucking fuck off, can't you see what you're destroying?
They sit back fucking creasing up as we squabble assisting all of them
You are what you think and that's nothing, can't you see what we say is you?
Scurrying around like angry ants, banging our heads on the same wall

Stop; don't think that we are very close to getting there - where?
They give us tiny victories to keep us all content
To trick us into false achievement, the realisation difference
Look, everything we gain is what they let us have
Abort the system all you like, but the board game's titled 'power'
And who's got the board game in hand

The story continues, big business thrives
The world is endangered every day of our lives
They build their arsenals of armies, tanks and guns
Do you still consider life as simply being all fun?
Next time you see protest, ask yourself why?
People shout and scream, they want peace more than a dream
We simply want to live in the way we choose
One day there will be no rulers of the roost

So you stand back with your ideals, your rightful personal opinions
Taking what you want from me but don't say I haven't given
I won't be stuck on the Christmas tree; I won't dictate what you should be
Now I just dream of being free
And tears fill my eyes when I think of what it could have been
Keep at the battle although support may die
Watch every move they make, but always ask why

I'm now glad I stand your outcast; I know we saw it through the past
And any move we made wasn't judged by good results
But by the stereotypes who made us their new cult
We stepped across the lines the music biz neatly drew
We heard the screams of "sell out shit"
But didn't have a clue
Some sell their arse to the BBC; I'm so proud they don't want me
While they have their fantasies, their technicolour dreams
Remember that reality always breaks through, proving life's just what it seems
There's still the Government's police force, complete with boots and gloves
That puts a whole new meaning on the precious word love
The boot still goes in in Ireland, treading on the hands
Still misery and poverty, throughout the pleasant land
Still the threat hangs above our heads known by many names
That's now nice and neatly packaged into harmless TV games

So we'll continue fighting

Yes that's right, we destroyed our own following
Smashed the legs from the pedestal, amongst howling and hollowing
Rose a movement standing so strong against all wrongs
It's a world where little changes but the importance of songs
Has never been so great did it come too late?
Some set out to destroy us perhaps they like the state
Twelve years of Tory conditioning, police and state privilege
Finally proved too much for those now broken and fucked
But out of it came one important achievement, self-respect, dignity, the acknowledgement of trying
There is no independence, and that's how it's going to stay
Not many understand madness, no one understood Conflict
Conflict is to clash, a battle

The house that man built stills stands strong
The Centro Iberico's now defunct
A nation of animal lovers coincide
With the stupid bastards who help EMI
Turning rebellion into money
Its time to see who's who
But the serenade is dead
We increased the pressure from protest to resistance to the ungovernable force
The final conflict. Our war of words


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And after the raging, comes a tranquil day
So close to my eyes, there's nothing anyone can say
Is there any reason just why I keep on believing?
In the thought in here, in the pain in feeling
Am I supposed to be feeling like this?
Should I be feeling this loneliness?
As days go by I'm despairing, the whole bloody thing keeps on turning
But there's something good to come for I haven't heard the close
Or the footsteps die away
And from the confusion comes a yearning, to let me rest, to let me feel any kind of loving

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How can we achieve anarchy if we don't know what it means?
Do we even want anarchy that illusionistic dream?
They say they see no reason for discontent
In this period of free enterprise, is evolution spent?
Say their progress is insallable, presented indisguised
Decisions made for all is their responsibility?
They forecast better ways to better days; onwards they seek progress no matter what it takes

From left to right to all the prats in the middle
From the judge to the preacher to the sinners and the cynical
From the Godley to the gullible to the vicious and viable
The globe turns slowly while the governed and ungovernable
Slay it out in the never ending search for righteousness, immaculate success
Their space to possess seems to be what makes their clock tick, but to us it fucking stinks
When met with resistance, they stamp on it until it breaks
Their society remains secret and although we know their name
We are the pawns on the world's chessboard in one big multi-national game
There's still no end in sight but still we know we're right
We must somehow struggle on up while they go racing to the top
Then Whitehouse "V" the squat, a challenge I think not
Resist every move they make by fulfilling our own hearts
Not by backing off and dropping out, get in there for a start
If you're looking for some proof of this how much more proof do you need
When constantly and hopelessly we fail and they succeed

There's no compassion in here
My fingers keep curling into fists these days
No one smiles on the streets these days
And there's no compassion
Hit the wall a substitute for a face
You can look but you can't touch
You can see but you can't have
Keep crawling to the end of the week
And there's no compassion

Breath heavy to pretend it's fun
Raise the cover to protect your pride
Ignore the failure that you see in the glass
Paint the flesh to hide the scar
And there's no compassion

A million people died in the middle of your breakfast
A million people died in the middle of your favorite love song
A million people died in the middle of your racist joke
A million people died in the middle of your favorite TV programme
A million people died in the middle of your lovemaking
A million people died in the middle of your pop stars interview
A million people died in the middle of your video game
A million people died in the middle of your sexist
A million people died in the middle of your mass debating
A million people died in the middle of your politicians lying
A million people died in the middle of your silence
A million people died in the middle of your stocks and shares
A million people died in the middle of your royal variety performance
A million people died in the middle of your debutante's ball
A million people died in the middle of your day out at Ascot
A million people died in the middle of a Conflict gig!

Separation is complete. A mind to domesticate, condition, compete
Clinical birth control, the sterlised setting
Syringed into being, life is just beginning
Mask of the surgeon, eyes of the blind, rubber band caressing, welcome to mankind
The brain perceives the fear, tender beats the heart
Slapped into life programming starts
Wanted and needed
Wanted from birth to fit in the jigsaw puzzle
Trained don't strain against the muzzle
Force-fed, prostituted, brainwashed that's called learning
Blindfolded, prejudiced, an outcome predetermined
Needed to die and not question why
Follow in ignorance, a comfortable prison
Kept in the dark so they can be free. Spit in the eyes so you will never see

The kid aims the cap gun, points it at my cranium
I am supposed to put my hands up, but I don't want to die that way
Mentally or physically, para-psychologically, whose responsibility?

Is it to feed their profiteering tolerated as long as your mind is fearing?
Right where they want you beaten back into submission
Right where they want you in a missionary position
Needed to promote their glory of possession
To accept and be grateful yet ask no questions
To believe in love and their guiding hand
To obey in humility and never understand

I was feeling alright, yeah just me and the night; I was walking through a white tiled subway
I heard the sound of voices around the corner shouting
The sound of broken glass, no one was there
I looked at my reflection in the puddles in the street
It looked so messed up I just kept moving my feet
To the beat and rhythm of my heart, not much I know but I see it as a start
Because I'm counting the heads to see how many are left, the fingers of one hand stretching
And this feeling of apathy keeps coming quite suddenly - well if something's gonna come, when's it coming?

While you're jumping on the spot, all the freshness starts to rot
And another inspiration fades away. And still you sell your dignity
Still you sell your dignity time after time
And I wonder where lies your pride, does it wait in there inside?
Is it waiting for the moment when you let your heart speak?
Is it waiting for the moment when you act out your own beliefs?
Is it waiting for the moment when you drop your false act?
Is it waiting for the moment when you face the facts?
That you're pumping your life for someone else's ideas
That you're living your life under someone else's fear
That it's time to shift your vision, time to move your head
Get up out of submission. I'm counting heads, how many are left?

The fingers of one hand keep stretching. The fingers of both hands keep stretching
And all I see is "Rock 'n' Roll". All I hear is "Rock 'n' Roll"

I turn the pages of the book, and force my weary eyes to look
At the product of our modern world, at the product of our civilised world
And a child's face looks out at me, questioning why does this have to be?
And I can't find any answer, not that dead ears can hear - do I make myself clear?
It's been said that we must progress for humanity, but looking at the truth of that mockery
I wonder if our minds have progressed anywhere, and I wonder if there's any humanity there
The sightless eyes looking at me, questioning why does this have to be
And I can't find any answers not that dead ears can hear - do I make myself clear?

If you're an activist not while getting pissed, if you're gonna do something make sure you don't miss
That's a dangerous game to play what use are you if you're banged up?
You can't beat them on the streets, so duck and dive a little, hide the fiddles
Play them at their own game, stay with them all the way
Know what and why they are doing things and create alternatives
Police are still snooping, awaiting the big nick
Like fishermen baiting the fish, tempting us to take the risk

This time, this time they've made the impossible. The new aids infection from EMI the treatment to replace the old spermicide


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The balding man sits compiling his next move
That mortgage hangs around his neck, now feeling like a noose
The new gas bill, oh God, how bad he feels
Those kids he can't reject, his emotional success

He's a man of set opinion; the weight of the world sits in his hands
He just cannot seem to reason so he will never understand
They just won't listen to hardly anything he says
They simply smile politely, then with one accord turn away

A son stands at the pond observing the creation that is nature
Mother prepares dinner, roasting bacon taints the air
Dog sits as master barks, then leaps lovingly into the car
He waves and smiles emotionally, his assurance that they will go far
The stakes rise as each owner unfolds plans, men tempt and bait each other, money exchanges hands
Animal love now snarling hatred, muzzle unlocked hair raised
He smirks from behind the wooden fence and shouts his destitute his praise

Teeth tear, blood splashes the face of a young child playing
She cries out in disapproval but daddy's now immune to what she is saying
Driven mad and into frenzy, limbs torn, skin is shorn
Like sex perverts at their peep show, this is the ultimate in porn

Eyes glare. Beast and master. Animals both, crazed and weary
There can only be one real winner here; the results are now seen clearly
Teeth marks bare where fur once protected, flesh hangs dangling in shreds
Their faces grimace rejected strips of meat exposed, selected
Bloodstains and saliva splatter the fuel of precious life
Master and servant segregate the ritual sacrifice

The sacrifice of innocents who obeyed the spoken law
Tired beyond indurance but the spectators cry for more
Death before dishonor a demand that is so obscene
The men they appraise each other to keep their conscience clean
Laughter hides the guilt they feel at every savage blow
Someone whispers "cruelty" but they don't want to know
The balding man stands silent as slave fights for life
He thinks of all the good things that he has promised to his wife

She caught a glimpse of God through the windscreen of his car
She tried to rationalise her looks but time don't heal the scars
Some vague association she feels with the loser of the stake
She stares into those sightless eyes, what use for heaven sake?
The TV flickers images of the ideals she once knew
The fresh young girls displaying soap to keep us clean and new
She shrugs and folds her arms as he constructs the wooden box
To hold his faded hope that took the heaviest of knocks

Like pissing in the ocean, their options disappear
As they think about the overheads, they know the taste of fear
Kids to feed and clothing they must show how much they care
But how to tell the birthday gift is lying dead out there

What should have paid for birthday cards went on the prime cut beef
Now celebrations of their birth make way for tears of grief
Did only what they thought was best to give some sense of pride
To give the kids a place in life and now the dream has died
And how to show his love for her, now she repels his touch
His remaining sense of manhood kicked away just like a crutch
He promised what he couldn't give, the masters ruling word
Urged the beast to glory, but the servant never heard


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The ritual advances have been made, now flesh is bared as though it is a solution to the fear and confusion
Dancing in chessboard rigidity, to meet the requirements of ancient codes and traditions, the never altered positions
A fleeting sense of security, from being held tightly, until the camouflage drops and the tenderness stops

The well-rehearsed statements have been made, now it's red lights all the way
In deathly silence, a hint of sniggering violence
Reinforcing the roles, in a doomed situation
Protector and protected, rejecter and rejected
And there on a video, a simulated sex show
To keep us smiling through, to tell us what to do

And when a body falls back in surrender with both eyes
Blood on your fingers and a broken prize
By averting your eyes it isn't seen
By turning your head, you keep it clean

And proud of your achievement, success is yours
As you slip into a position and a thousand hands applaud
Passion stops as a record drops it says - "Love has come at last"
And you wipe away your splattered pride because it came too fast
So there's the pleasure, but where's the dignity?
Is it in your performance with your smile of insincerity?
The coming retaliation is a deadly situation
When the feelings mutual, assured destruction…

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Roll up, roll up, for I'll take your cash
Anarchy is the line. Buy your anarchy t-shirts at only thirty-six pounds fifty a time!
I've got anarchy badges - black on red - roll up and make your choice
Or buy your nazi armband, last year's fashion, this year's price
Long sleeve sweatshirts are a popular line
I've got the "Crass" Broken Gun. Don't know what it means, but it suits you fine
I've got a lovely line in anarchist ties, some "Conflict" patches if you like
And some "Bash the Rich" matches. (Set light to those lovely cars! Ha ha)
I've got anarchist with an A on, aprons for the anarchy cook
Anarchist tea towels, anarchist mugs - come on take a look
I've got anarchist pendants and anarchist flags
Gift wrapped for your anarchist mates
I have anarchy key rings, and a lovely sign made of chrome
The purchase of my products brings anarchy to your home
Anarchy lights - anarchy pens - anarchy panties - anarchy bras - anarchy dildos
And, and, wait for it… wait for it… I have - brand new now
The special line of anarchist rubber dolls
Yes! You will go far as you fuck them to death in the back of your anarchist car
MacMortarhate Products, just send off for a free catalogue for all the very latest in anarchist souvenirs


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A few words spoken quietly mean so much when said just right
Those words can also break a heart when two begin to fight
A love so strong is now nothing; his life begins to fall apart
She loves him so dearly but her mind is demanding a new start

He tries to be understanding about the life she is now requiring
She wants her independence, wants herself to be deciding
For her future that in reflection can't be a glossy picture
The family ties, emotions rise, he ends his love resistance

Hopelessly he strives on, making advances to the world
Trying hard to forget what once stood as one, and what shall remain untold

He drifts away, life's in a daze, the mental pain he can't erase
She meant so very much to him, his life, his world, his everything
He questions what remains in life, whether or not it's worth living
It seems she was always taking and he was forever giving

Alone he sits in his quiet room wondering where it all went wrong
Looking for the pieces to the puzzle, remembering all her favorite songs

The nightclub scene she now enjoys seems to be so mistimed
To him, he has already been there; he has used all the chat up lines
Laying in his bed awake, staring at the clock
Feeling lonely, lost and ill, and praying all this will stop

The boys cluster around his na?e love as they move in for the thrill
He cries himself to sleep, concerned that maniacs will kill
For less than she would ever give, he must try to forget
The years they spent when love was strong that finally made him write this song

So if you ever think that life is just not worth living
If you doubt that you have anything left at all, worthy of truly giving
When life's not making any sense and you're filled with anger and resent
Remember love can conquer all, it is the start of state hates final fall

If people laugh because their mind is drifting, they're acting out the part
Of not holding any feelings or having any heart
Just smile in their face and then walk away for they will realise one day
As life moves on and they grow old they will realise they have been living the way they're told

That their life has been a sacrifice to Government's systematic lies
That true friendship is inseparable and emotions if used responsibly
Will light the spark for all to see the start of our mass unity
Human natures winning answer, a true reflection of what is you and me


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The cord is cut no need for separation, successful elimination
Extermination of degradation? Essential heart feed stopping

She strives on alone, and makes the best of no one
Set fast, clamped, fucked, thinking nothing of tossing away a life like fucked spunk in a condom
Times hard, life's short, so

He the ultimate obstinate mind, moralistic attitude, the eyes of the blind
Humane reasoning, it's life, it's alive. A tiny heart beat

Here sits I, while on the subject of life
Impossible to conceive, no matter how hard I try
To bring my joy to the world, be it boy or a girl
Times hard, life's short, so cut. The cord is cut
My life is smeared all over with tears; ones I know will last for years
My decision so hard, you think I made with ease
But no loving words of comfort, will ever my guilt appease
No loving words of comfort. Whenever the guilt


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Time and time again we hear the same old rumours
Conflict doing this, Conflict doing that
Have you heard the one about Conflicts pacifism?
The message is swing on a baseball bat
Have you heard the one about the anarchist bust fund?
Really it goes to Conflicts beer fund
Buys Hoddy's smack, Colin meat pies
Did you know Mortarhate's really EMI?
Time and time again we hear the same old rumours
Conflict doing this, conflict doing that
I saw, I heard, guess what they done?
Got the punters to riot down in Brixton
They say they will bring the nation to its knees
But where were they when it went off in Leeds?
Is it true Colin bought his girlfriend a horse?
Owns a block of flats? Does a science course?
Heard about how they rip off bands?
A fiver expenses for touring the land
Said the money was going to ALF
Gave a carrot to the animals and pocketed the rest
Eight hundred gigs in just eight years
Said it caused hard work, blood and tears
They say our movement is been destroyed
It's just another Conflict ploy!
Time and time again we hear the same old rumours
Conflict doing this, conflict doing that
"The King's of Punk", are they so sincere?
Their chauvinist stance makes the answer clear
We are in it for the drugs, birds and booze
There ain't a dirty trick we wouldn't use

We'll drop it, forget it, because you got it fucking wrong

And while I'm about it, should I sing it? Should I shout it?
Standing on the world's stage, the emotion the outrage
A target in the firing line for a slagging of a new age
And just as we attempted to spark a little hope
Trigger fingers started wagging, "you're just a fading joke"
You never wanted leaders, but you treated us as such
And then when we said "no more of this", who kicked away your crutch?
You accused us of hypocrisy and ripping people off
Who co-arranged Stop the City? Who told it was not enough?
Who's been nicked for animal raids, hunt sabbing, speaking out (so what)?
Oh yeah while I'm about it, should I scream or should I shout it?
All criticisms that you made, the song remains the same
The gathering down in Brixton, who was it who took the blame?
Blamed for causing riots, blamed for causing violence
Blamed by you for being born, then blamed for being silent

Drop it, forget it, you got it fucking wrong


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Let's have the facts, not another distorted version of the truth
Let's start pushing for what we stand here for and show them we ain't through
Through thick and thin hit back again, we ain't out for the count
Waves of attack will drive them back; it's time to rise up overground
But some cunt's stuck the boot in hard and found our Achilles heel
Stating stupid fucking bollocks with not a clue how people feel
Fuck right off and build your pathetic little empires, as we strive on
And so what if we don't change a thing?
We will have a fucking good try. Mobilise, fight, against all odds

Broken dreams and promises mount as the poll axe thrusts her knife
Poverty hits an all time low as the western world shows its respect for life

And so the power mongers and politicians negotiate arms reductions, self righteous street politicals stamp around selling their self important political dribble. The football mobs riot, the pubs and clubs are packed, the workforce is their only unison. Much more can be accomplished, but fuck off lefty drips and shove your banners of socialist equality where you shit. You're just the same scum as the rest of them, and they ain't worth the breath. Leading the way you talk and talk and protest, but nothing changes

Forward into battle - "The Final Conflict" you choose!
Prepare, get it together, sure we're fighting, but our neck's still in their noose
Come in out the cold, ghetto rock changes nothing, it's been going on for years
Fuck dropping out, because we're dropping in - but hold on what's this? Rock against the rich
Rocking against this and yes, we are rocking against that
All we ever seem to do is rock, so I'll tell you where it's at!
The only rock that excites me is the one that leads the hand
That crashes through state windows and shows them exactly where they stand
That batters against the riot shield, a fine expression of how we feel.


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I'm an SAS hit squad assassin. Protector of the state
Protecting those in power from the terrorist cowards. Elimination's the game
Fulfilling Government aims and regulations. Our political war against you
We are the enemy that's plain to see; we're watching you're every move

Self disciplined? Who dares shall win? Terrifying? Or am I…?

The man next door? Your brother in law? Who's away working on the oilrigs?
The long distance lorry driver from on the corner? No one seems to know who he is
I could be the meter reader, or the temporary postman. Pushing greetings through the family door?
That's for us to know and you to guess, but make no mistakes, this is war

Self disciplined? Killing machine? But that's not the same? That's what you think?
Well here's a message to you, you are wrong

Can't you see you head strong super gobshite git? That as your bullets rip a mother's heart?
Each time you kill or maim again and again, your actions ignite a spark?
The flames then burn so fiercely, fuelled by anger from those who have nothing left!

Contradictions - superstitions - old traditions, in Northern Ireland your Government's guilty of theft


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The poll tax hangs above our heads, as Thatcher wields the axe
The budget, well that pleased us, our shares increased and less tax
The nurses, fight for better pay ILEA closing down
Alton hits out with his bill, the yuppies invade town
The AIDS creation raised its head, their latest weapon to date
USA battles it out in the Gulf to show only they shall reign
The IRA bomb a military base some injured, someone dead
Superpowers discuss Atomic bombs, reductions seem in sight
Thousands join the new clause and march for Lesbian and Gay rights
The TUC, they delegate, another disaster strikes
P & O put their foot down, airport chaos screws the break
Sunshine radiation homes in; down pours more acid rain

See it ain't no pretty picture as we see our world destroyed
Multi-corporation graphs rise up to keep us all employed

The Government say they're succeeding with their democratic state
They say that we all stand as equals
That they genuinely trying, but the bastards are lying
Spewing out their bullshit, simply talking out their arse
The opposition prove yet again that they're just a jumped up farce
Full of socialist Marxist bollocks that just don't make any sense
Barking totally up the wrong tree on the wrong side of the fence

The only change you will see from them is the silver handed back
As you buy their militant paper full of promise and attack
A more apt title would be "servant" for their lapdogs just the same
As the racist shitrag bulldog, politricks the game

Support this, support that you don't know where support is at
It ain't dishing out little leaflets, wearing badges, looking right
They march here, march there, showing all how much they care
Lining someone else's pockets as the bucket comes around again

If you don't vote, then don't complain - oh fuck off!

Don't you realise what you're saying?
You're supporting every move they make
Holding the parliamentary system up, they rise, the powerful elite
There is no independence in party politics
They police the street, they dictate the beat
Her Majesty's institutions make sure the aware retreat
Oh yes, it's a sad sickening picture of human nature going wrong
Plummeting down the depths of degradation, the end, the result of your votes. We stand
Alone….. Stop

Start- by organising, putting small pieces together
Soon the bits will fit in place the start of our new picture
Push forward for what you believe in and on achievement dig in hard
Don't let them try and break you, without you they fall apart
Civil rights and natural force will conquer, all and it's right on course
They can only offer chaos when the least we have got is love
We're talking one long tough struggle with many set backs along the path
To freedoms now ahead of us our world will exist at last

Remember, against all odds

We offer you democracy and progress. If you have the capital, we can offer you interest
There is no poverty, this is our reality. We will protect you but only if you invest
The AIDS crisis comes to those who sin,
You question the Gulf situation but the right shall win
Subversive groups are minorities. Will they ever learn and see?
That we're superpowers, we will always sin
Support has grown for the mutant sexual acts. Allow us please to give you some hard facts
We shall not stand for deviancy; it's not the way God meant us to be
Normal people we must push them back


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Nothing to say? Then shut your face
Do you get the picture? Don't like what you see?
Look the other way, do you get the picture?
I'm sick of hearing complaining when nobody's creating
You want something better? Then you've got to make an effort, because nobody else cares less
Want some respect? Look to yourself
Do you get the picture? Don't like who you are? Then change
I'm tired of hearing escapism excuses, try putting yourself to better usage
You've got to be top class, dignified. Got to stay sharp, in touch, motified
Feeling yourself starting to stagnate? Better get up off your knees before it's too late
Get back on top, fulfil your life, not enough to simply stay alive
If you've got an idea put it forward, don't keep it in the back of your mind
Don't fret yourself about criticism, sometimes you have got to be cruel to be kind
Go on, make it, look in the mirror, do you see a person that's framed


It's up to you and only you, get the picture? You're the only person to blame

Don't get indignant with me boy, I'll give you something to cry for
You see these hands; they look so soft they are ready and willing when it all goes off
No, don't get indulgent with me boy, knock self-importance on the head
Don't sit there moaning, there's nothing I can do, just start thinking instead
It's simple, when it rains we get wet, when it's sunny we get hot, sometimes I wonder if that's all we've got

Don't get depressed, never give in; even when down, remember we can win
You know, he knows, she knows, I know, they know, we all know, fucks knows… and so

Don't get cynical with me girl, I'll give you something to cry for
You see these hands, they're so soft, they find the target when the lights go off
You don't get cynical with me boy, don't tell me life can be bad
I don't need that shit shoved in my face; I like to believe we can make a stand
But we are so small and it's so big
It tells us what to do, tells us what to think
If we don't stand a chance may as well be dead
Forward our intentions, re-create instead. Come on! Come on!


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I have slept so long, for so long
There lies my regret, sighing and grieving
Had I known I could tremble so
What now I know
I would never have shown my soul

Leaping, like an eager flame
After all, who is to blame?
There lies my regret, sighing and grieving

And as this evening falls
To close, for closed eyes
Take that backward glance
And see, see what lies behind

Recall the time when all the world just seemed to recline
Within our hands and was just washed away
Like the fleeting summer rain
Gentle memories of our finest day
Can we ever hope to regain
The innocence of youth?
The sordid truth
Our visions turn sour
All colours turn to grey
Goodbye my tender dreams
Is there a better day?

To live on in hearts is never to die


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The house looks for an answer to end all the violence
The ungovernable finally break silence
There's endless white papers and new institutions
That still won't stop us, it's no solution

The right and the left wing continue to bore
With pre dated policies all heard before
This is mankind now see how mankind kills
Now we are hitting back hard and you see how it feels

They preach and teach examinational tests
So, the political privileged can order the rest
Of the young parasites who live in a world without hope
To get back in line, and stay there, then assure us they will cope

In the new violent Britain, they pledge to invest
In skills and communities with renewed interest
To build schools of education, not colleges of crime
A manifesto so perfectly timed
Providing help for the helpless, their new commissions strive
For a stable reeducated society by 1995

Meanwhile, we fight on in desperation still trying to break through
Their barriers of insanity and even now they know it's true
That to eradicate violence effectively, injustice has to unfold
But, instead they choose to compensate, to lie and then collaborate
No interest in any true debate, their courts set up the offender's fate
The new secure units for the old custodial sentence

Well we have listened to you for long enough, taken all your threats and you ain't so tough
You intimidate then punish the persistent hard core offender
You condemn more and understand less; so you will get no apologies ever
In an atmosphere of moral panic, you blame us for fighting back
But it's us that has been dragged through your streets backwards, battered shell shocked and attacked

The pressure's building on law and order, but we ain't even started
They may think that they have been tested, but no way, for we still stand divided
More and more, we're turning against our own, how come? How have we forgot?
That this is the one thing they want us to do, to compensate for the freedom we ain't got

Some mug old folk and these are scum
It's the one main thing that just isn't done
We can deal perfectly with our own problems
By taking the law into our hands
We can protect our own, young, the weak and elderly
And therefore smash their callous plans

I shall not work to build my death, nor have decisions made by fools for my or your behalf
As though I can't see or hear that which surrounds me
As though I'm quite content with all that, disgusts me
I will not build for another's gain, although it always ends up the same
It's as though I can't see or hear, as though I'm content, with everything that disgusts me

How can they talk about low life, whilst they're destroying the earth?
How can they take away someone's freedom, when they don't know what it's worth?
To the people with feelings, to those not totally succeeding
Those, shattered, torn, ripped right in half, and whose broken hearts are bleeding

Yet still they bash and batter, to them, mad onslaught does not matter
They create society's whitewashed picture that everything is alright
Then when people voice opinion and object, they show disgust, confusion and then demonstrate their might

Don't you dare think for a moment, that it's only in a riot that we show we are discontent?
It is with every so-called criminal act that we demonstrate our contempt
You shove your outstanding promises, your respect; I only have respect for life
That you destroy time and time again, then dismiss in your stride

I'm still hoping for the hopeless and making excuses for the lawless


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Someday soon, we will take vacations on the moon
Someday soon, we will build great cities under water
Someday soon, we will create the ultimate human being
Someday soon, you will not believe in what you're seeing

Yet, they can't find a cure for a common cold
But they can reconstruct a face back to the young from the old
The cancer spreads, the AIDS develops in its victims
Science counts the costs in lives, the cause and not the cure succeeds

A child fights for life, in a state of confusion
Dragged up in a cesspit full of class 'A' illusions
The progress chart monitors, brilliant achievements
It's a world where technology easily outweighs bereavement
The market remains flooded with drugs that only suppress
Twenty types that all do the same thing, profit, and screw all the rest
Who drop dead in the queue, to receive operations?
As the Government reveal their new million pound sensation

Dancing at the policeman's ball again
We sing our songs of disgust, but they don't here a thing
With heads held up high they raise a toast to progression
And a record breaking turnover tenth year in succession

There stands a woman she has no face
Her baby cries out dying arms outstretched for embrace
They have no stake in the society that demands their respect
A world without any hope is all they can expect


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Safe as sound
What am I talking about? Of course it's not safe
Look at what corporate gain is doing to our children
And our sanity? Insanity!

Sanitary, insanitary
Am I left fit to believe?
Am I left fit?
Fit for what? What for! For who?
Who gains?
Weight gains? Weight watchers?
Watching what? Watching who?
No more questions

Wanting existence, wanting a distance, wanting to exist

Before the thinking - the sun kills alone - after the thought

If this is how you see it, you have to make it known
If this is how you free it, you have to make it known
This is how you see it; you have to make it known
This is not too serious to have to make it known

Instead of



Wanting a distance, wanting existence
I want my distance, I want to exist
As safe as sound


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A declaration of independence, the other person has cleared
Understand the perspective, get the directive, and realise our fears
We are simply trying to connect nowadays, but does anybody want to know?
I'm finding it hard, putting feelings into words, another chapter remains unwrote

They say, we are standing firmly in the rain, simply waiting for it to stop
They said that we should build new umbrellas because we are stuck in our own rut
I say, blow away the rain clouds, for the new horizon is crystal clear
Its took sometime, but we're on the right track - now where do we go from here?

Sick and tired of worthless statements, pissed off with the same old songs
You stuff your moral rule book, of what's allowed, what's right and wrong

Oh yes, there's those who only criticise yet offer nothing new, solutions? Ideas?
No, just rake up shit what a clever thing to do

We must strive on for what we know is right
We know all too well there's no end in sight
But human nature is still on our side
As the politicians fall into landslide
We're out on the street, feeling the beat
Of the hearts in anger at the upper crust elite
Who don't hear us scream or beg for a halt
Or when we weep over what their society aborts

1981 President Reagan and the Pope face assassins' bullets and escape with their lives. But in Cairo, Sadat dies in a hail of automatic fire, from Brixton to Belfast riots rage and fires burn. The royal wedding of Prince Charles is celebrated. In America, the skies roar as Columbia the first space shuttle blasts off but as winter descends, so does the chilling news of martial law in Poland.

1982 Argentina invades Falklands. Speilberg captures our imaginations. Unemployment rises above three million, and with the threat of cruise missiles, twenty thousand women go to war to safeguard peace. Britain gets its fourth TV station; Princess Diana gives us a royal heir. The IRA bring horror to Hyde Park. Breshnev dies in Russia and Israel invades Lebanon.

1983 As protestors get into their stride at Greenham, Ronald Reagan promises to make Star Wars a frightening reality. Back on earth, the Soviets admit to shooting down a Korean Airliner. Maggie Thatcher triumphs again and America's first woman astronaut is in space. For Grenada it's an American invasion.

1984 After twelve weeks the striking miners still battle on and in Brighton the PM and cabinet narrowly escape death as an IRA bomb rips through the Grand Hotel. Yvonne Fletcher is gunned down and her murderer flies away a free man. Rajiv Gandhi fights to save his country after the assassination of his mother. Millions face starvation in Ethiopia.

1985 Mikhail Gorbachev is Soviet leader, while shouts of "scab" greet miners. Unions vote to end the national strike. The Rainbow Warrior of Greenpeace is damaged in New Zealand by two bombs. Live Aid rocks the world for the hungry. A policeman is hacked to death in London. Reagan in Geneva said the world is now a safer place.

1986 Space Shuttle explodes on take off. Swedish PM is shot dead in the street. The pickets clash in Wapping. Reagan bombs Libya (keep your head down). Russian nuclear reactor is ablaze.

1987 Beirut gunmen attack UN. Argentinean President ends arm revolt. Gorbachev makes new offer on arms cuts. Iraqi exocet blasts US Frigate. Thatcher is elected for a third term. In Britain "Spycatcher" is banned, but anyone can buy it in America. A storm hits the Stock Market on Black Monday.

1988 SAS gunmen gun down IRA unit in Gibraltar. Mitterand returns as French President. US war ships shoot down as Iranian Airliner. Bush is elected as US President. Thatcher speaks for Polish freedom. Britain is shocked by two disasters in nine days and Edwina resigns over a storm in an eggcup.

1989 Berlin wall is torn down, freedom sweeps the East. In China, a light of hope in Tiannamen Square is extinguished. In Romania, people fight against the dictator Ceaucescu and with his death they win. For once it seems a hope and good can prevail.

1990 Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait. UN troops leave to face the unknown horrors of modern warfare. Mandela is freed. The Soviet pulls out of Czechoslovakia and Maggie Thatcher resigns.

1991 The waiting is over, the Gulf explodes never has such a powerful force been unleashed against one nation. The bombardment against Iraq is relentless, the end comes quickly. As the victorious survivors celebrate, for some the battle against grief is just beginning. Yellow Ribbons are everywhere with the release of John McCarthy; it seems at last the world is changing for the better. Terry Waite's smile inspires millions and in Russia Yelstein replaces Gorbachev. In Yugoslavia civil war rages. Robert Maxwell makes the biggest splash and the IRA bomb Downing Street.

Conflict after conflict. Now it's just the bare bones of what we are
A vicious circle in an open ended struggle
Life goes on as if all around is not relevant
As we look through closed eyes we try and understand
If we had a view, what would it show?
We're stuck in a room that has no view
And so are you - or are you? Well are you?


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Human nature beams for all to see, the story now unfolds
As they wonder into wonderland, their lives the starring role
He makes his move so carefully, as he takes her by the hand
He whispers that he loves her, so she fails to understand
Strolling loves, angelic passages, with visions crystal clear
He demonstrates his love for her; she hides away her fears
He showers her with prizes; she's the first in his love life!
He piles on the emotions, but she don't want to be his wife
You and I will build a dream together, give me your heart I will love forever
When I hold your hand, I start to understand
What they mean when they say love, what we mean when we say love

Well now you really better love me so, or I will hate your guts!
Your mine all mine, no ifs, or buts, no one else must ever touch
And to you I now give all my heart, as I knew I would right from the start
Our gold band now engages us within the institute of dreams

They ride the path towards married bliss, but something's just not right
Those visions now seem so distorted, they disagree and fight
Both now miss their freedom, but this contract they have created
In acceptance with society's morals, a tradition that's so dated
Looking back in time, she thinks what's life got in store from here
Confused, twisted, sick inside, he drowns in another beer
With tears in eyes, he walks away, he convinced that, that is that!
But absences make the heart grow fonder, and now he begs her to come back

She finds a man to compensate, he wins at home, she plays away
It's been going on a while now? All seems lost is it too late?
But meanwhile he is out there finding solace with another
She holds sweet truth, he keeps dark secrets, she looks, he knows he loves her
But he also dreams up images of all the thoughts of her he has missed
They patch it up for the umpteenth time as this tale takes another twist

Loves a never-ending question always asking why is it wrong?
To hold love and feelings for more than one and well, that's another song


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Standing alone in a mystery
Standing alone in misery
I'm standing alone; it's a mystery?
The start of the war, it's the first to die
So on my own, in not the place to be

First, I see visions of insane men
Unaware on the stairs
Caught by the same gang
Pure hatred on young and aged faces
There's one, two, three
But they ain't leaving traces

As someone pushes past, I'm caught right in their path
I try to respond, but this just raises a laugh
A clenched fist punches hard, smashing the face
I try to turn and run
But they are all over the place
I'm pulling hard on the stair rail but this ain't my night
My shirt rips in two, as they hold me so tight
I feel a terrible blow, as something collides with skull
I fight back so hard, but the blades take their toll
So many shots on target, on the floor curled up tight
The crazed just won't stop, is this finally goodnight?
Now a feeling so strange, something won't let it die
And can't let them screw up the rest of our lives

I'm losing all, all track of time; I feel the pain of a real life crime
Boy they roar, let's open up his head, hey you see how far you've pushed this

I'm now praying that someone will turn up soon
I'm unaware that they are creeping down the back stairs
I shout, "hey, what am I getting this for?
I weren't even there, I didn't go past the door"

But the batons rain down, the boots pile in
Why don't they leave it, look at the state that I'm in?
The choppers chop hard, the blade cuts deep
Flesh hangs off in slices and I start to weep

The baton rain downs, the boots pile in
I feel a strange peacefulness building up within
The choppers chop hard the blood runs red
I feel total release, I think I must be dead

Back alive in the shadow of a dead man, I'm not alone
I'm reaching for the stair rails; instead I grab the hand of the father
I see a face; it's the face of my mother
There's someone else; it's the mother of my mother
Whose strong man is helping me?
Climb up the stairs from the misery
Climb and climb, the stairs from the mystery
Climbing the stairs for the unaware to see


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The winds of change are now blowing again
I can sense it; I can feel it, like a breath of fresh air
Thousands upon thousands of words, is our right to reply
A question of priorities, in a universal role

Memories surround of better times, so don't expect too much
As all seems lost, when the world finally says give up
From the dark wind swept streets, I see a glimmer of light, of hope, a presence of defiance
I wonder, and I realise that while some wait for miracles, others may help create them

From a room that has no view, I gaze from the window
I consider our purpose; the cold stars look down
And there's a feeling that someone, or something, is always looking
Strange because it's like, careful observation, the sweetest manipulation
Those smiling images of love, a confused pattern of trust
A feeble structure fleeing responsibility and feelings
And I wonder who, what, why, where and when and if in fact I am still believing?

In all those moments we've shared. Of all the things that we have been through
I feel happiness, sadness. Remember the places that we have been to
Push our views and ideas home. Of meeting people who feel alone
Of seeing anguished faces smile again. An achievement? Well I hope

As we swim from the shore, I can feel the undercurrent
I hear songs of hope and glory, but how deep is their ocean?
We turn and face obsession, a painful reminder from tomorrow
The seas a funny shade of blue now, do we drown in mistakes sorrow?
A nation remains silent, burnt out skulls, blank expressions
An image of convenience in reality's succession
Blind in the one eyed kingdom, following those who followed last
Who followed those, who followed before them? Is there a future in the past?


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The factories still churning out, of that there's not a single doubt
There's more snide shit from their fleapits; they couldn't give a fucking shit

It's true, overdue, and plain to see the plights of those in misery
A dead necked vision, product of subsidence, fucked up, and held in screaming silence
Another police force investigation, blatant lies, false fucked suggestions
Is it all down to communications? Or does the grass need cutting? Has it changed direction?

The chants that only serve to divide, the police link with the revenue, the royalties slide
Now as poor old Joy Gardener bites the dust, why should I give a fucking fuck?
But the lefties scream outside the courts, looking to lay the blame, it's no ones fault
They show sincerity, oh how much they care, yeah in their sick, twisted cause, in their affairs

A black boy has just missed his bus, a racist attack, or bloodthirsty lust?
Again, the left jump on the back of this weeks attack, and force feed, socialist shit militant crap
They blatantly try and whip up violence, why don't they keep their arseholes shut? And keep it silent
Another black person has died, that is true, but are you surprised? I ain't because I already knew

By promoting political deaths, they could not give a fucking toss

Sexism reigns in mans green world, the ALF proves yet again that they won't be told
That what they do (or don't) is totally wrong, so fuck off you insane cunts, still remains… our song!

Detention centres for the relentless, approved schools for the fools
Abolish the jury, punish the fury, but it's our power that you fuel
So it is basically blatantly obvious, and in fact fucking common sense
That when people are forced to live in shit, under your conditions crime will undoubtedly spread

You may be watching every move we make you even convince yourself that you are clever
But I'm looking right back into your eyes, so don't you ever, never ever
Think that I might trip or slip right down your stairs
Into your cells, where unaware
You can beat and fuck me senseless
While the world spins around relentless

You may have people on your side that I consider the lowest form of life
But don't you think what you call respect even enters into my minds aspect
For I'm sick of respect, how about our causes instead?
That made the maddened go to extreme lengths
Who simply couldn't take it?
Who knew they wouldn't make it?
Being ground down fine, by those who haven't got the time

For they shall punish those who sin
Toss the peasants lives into the bin
Of those that won't beg to their Jesus, God, Christ I've had enough of that
Christ I've had enough of this


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