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Stephanie Braganza's latest rock music video "Chains of Silence" has an animal rights theme.


The new single is a jaw-dropping story of an alien abduction with a surprising twist. The thought-provoking video houses a powerful message and promises to incite discussion amongst its viewers. "The imagery may be disturbing to some, says Braganza, "however, the story symbolizes what goes on every day in the dairy industry. I'm hoping that by changing the victims to human beings, people will think twice when they buy their food."

'Chains of Silence' also marks Braganza's first foray into the rock genre. The song was written by Braganza and her co-writer, Colin Stewart. The track was co-produced with John Allen, the co-producer behind Braganza's last hit single, 'When We Last Kissed – ft. Drega.' Chris Strikes, the director of Kardinal Offishall's award-winning music video, 'Turn It Up,' was also brought on board to help envision the music video concept that Braganza and Stewart created.

"When Stephanie pitched the concept of the video to me," Strikes detailed, "I immediately said, 'let's do it!' It was an awesome idea and I was very excited to be on board." For Strikes, one of the most important elements of approaching the project was creating thought-provoking visuals that also cause the viewer to take a moment and feel compassion toward animals.

To date, Braganza's repertoire has been a blend of pop and dance music. Now, with rock holstered in her belt, the performer is continuing to prove her diverse musicality.

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