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Bryan Adams is "Against the Deliberate Killing of ALL Animals"


by Joan Reddy
April 25, 2014

Canadian born rock star Bryan Adam's scheduled performance of his first ‘Mile One' show in St. John's, Newfoundland is being met with a lot of controversy. Some residents of St. John's feel the vegan and PETA supporter musician is being hypocritical by touring the province, especially when it coincides with their annual seal hunt.

Residents claim that Adams is being hypocritical, but he said that he simply wants to perform for his fans and nothing else. "Last time I checked, it was OK in this country to have an opinion on what goes on in the world. Either way, I'm coming to Newfoundland for my fans and to play music, not to get drawn into a debate with the seal killing industry," said Adams.

Although Adams claims he intends to keep his views on the seal hunt separate from his tour in Newfoundland, the artist wanted to make it perfectly clear that he stands in complete opposition of the seal hunt, as well as the killing of all other animals. "However, for the record, I'm a veggie and against the deliberate killing of ALL animals, not just seals, so for those people that want to protest about my coming to play a gig, make sure to get all the chicken farmers, cow farmers and fishermen to march in unity at my presence," protested Adams.
Adams has been a staunch vegetarian since 1989 (now vegan), and said that he lives by the motto, "[i]f you love animals, don't eat them."

In a 2007 interview with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Adams said that "[b]eing sympathetic to animal rights is just something that came very naturally to me. Perhaps because I used to have dogs growing up, and you know they became part of the family. And it never occurred to me growing up … I never put the whole thing of animal cruelty and that together as a youngster. But the moment I began to understand what was going on with the treatment of animals, it led me more and more in the way of the path I am [on] now, which is a complete vegan."

"I'm opposed to fur and any kind of use of animal products. I don't eat them, and I don't wear them. I'm not for the killing of any creature—whether it be seals, cows, dogs, anything. So anytime it comes to any kind of animal cruelty, I'm totally against it," said Adams.

Many Newfoundlanders are finding it difficult to welcome Adams into their province because he has openly opposed the seal hunt, which many consider their only means of survival. It is interesting that residents claim they need the seal hunt to survive, when statistics show that less than five percent of a sealer's annual income comes from the Canadian seal hunt. The vast majority of their income comes from commercial fishing.

It will be interesting to see if this outspoken rocker can stop himself from commenting after he arrives in Newfoundland, and witnesses the  bodies of slaughtered seals strewn across the province's bloodied landscape. The Stephen Harper government has set this year's hunt quota at a staggering 400,000 seals.

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