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"Betty" by Starlit

Betty lyrics by Simara Delilah Rose of Starlit 2015
Music by Max C. of Starlit 2015
download: Betty-Starlit.mp3


beat Betty back down
feat shackled smack town
you went and beat Betty back down
and now she's risen up from the dead

see Betty screaming
she's awake now no dreaming
it's what you raped now she's seething
I wouldn't sleep when your tucked in bed

Cut Candice in two
you put your knife down straight threw
you fucking cut Candice in two
and now she's coming for all you stole

feel Candice kick'en
your quick sand is thickenen
well your apologies are sickening
just keep your twisted thoughts to yourself

Lie more to Lucy
if you make her sigh more it's juicy
you loose your soul when your two faced
but you didn't have one to loose

you're not worthy
because you're not worth me
you're not worthy
because you're not worth me

May your day be filled with Deco-dence

a swellagant eve to you
Simara Delilah Rose

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