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Anti-Vivisection Song by Christina Louise

Further to my email of late October regarding the anti-vivisection song and video, I am pleased to announce that the video is once again available for public viewing, thanks to fellow musician Andy Weigel from the US who has kindly agreed to host the footage on his personal website. Much to our dismay, You Tube bowed to corporate pressure and deleted the video within about 24 hours of it being uploaded. I apologize to all those who followed the original link to You Tube, only to discover that the video no longer existed.

Please listen to the song �May The End Come Soon�, and watch Mike�s video via the new weblink below, and please forward it to others who may not be aware of what goes on in laboratories all around the world that causes millions upon millions of animals to suffer needlessly.

Thank you to Memphis Mike for doing such a brilliant job on the video, and thank you to Andy for making it possible to send this footage around the globe. We are hoping to make the song and video available as a free download from Andy�s site in the near future.

Kind Regards

Christina Louise.


Song and Video � May The End Come Soon:

http://andyweigel. com/video/


Australian Association for Humane Research: au


Mike�s webpage:

www.memphismike. com  


Website: www.speakforanimals .info


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