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Let's help get millions of people to watch the educational DVD (also comes in Video) "MEET YOUR MEAT", which converted a lot of people into veg*anism, many of them professionals, actors, politicians, more!!!  Below are details sent by Alexandra Arbogast. 

If you are willing to create a cable public access program in your area to show this document, Alexandra has offered to take you step by step on how to do it if you need assistance.  OR, you can just send the DVD or Video to your local cable public access company requesting to show it, for which you'll need to write Alexandra for samples:  Also please email her if my explanation is not clear.

After we acquire experience with this project, we could rotate and show some of the other powerful videos/DVDs at public access cables.  Adela

TO GARO ALEXANIAN: Garo, could you do something to show this DVD or Video?  Do you still have your wonderful public access TV programs?

MYM is a 13 minute DVD or Video, and it also comes in a looped 2-hour version appropriate for tabling and other public showings.

Please consider getting the animal rights message out through your local cable access station-either by simply submitting videos to be shown (in addition to MYM) or by starting your own program. With minimal effort, you can help reach thousands of people in a way that will forever change their lives.

Example in NYC:  (For other cities contact the cables locally). 

In New York City at the Manhattan Neighborhood Network, after contacting the station, you must submit an application with the series of tapes that you wish to show. The shows are allocated on a quarterly basis, so when you turn in an application you are applying for a show for a quarter. The application and tape must be submitted one month prior to the deadline, which is on the first Friday of February, May, August, and November. Along with the tape and application, you must submit two forms of identification that prove Manhattan residency.  To have one tape aired immediately, just send the tape labeled as "special", to the network.

Many people tell us that they became vegetarians or stopped using products tested on animals because of video footage that they saw on TV. With your help, we will be able to show exactly how animals suffer for food, clothing, experimentation, and entertainment-on TV!  A picture truly is worth a thousand words-and a video is worth a million. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

Alexandra Arbogast
Vegan Campaigns Administrative Assistant
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals