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Animal Movies -- September 2005. New movies are for the birds (& horses, lions & bears)

"The Witness" is Now Available for Free Online:

click to view: S. A. E. N. Anti-vivisection Television Spots - Media Coverage About Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! (SAEN) - April 2011

4-min video highlighting Compassion Over Killing's first 15 years of advocacy. - Dec 2010

A collection of AR-related videos - March 2014 - June 2015

Okja - movie

"Sanctuary" - movie - November
A.L.F. Behind the Mask: The Story Of The People Who Risk Everything - YouTube - October
Lily Collins joins Jake Gyllenhaal in Okja - March
I Am Human - Jan

The Last Pig - Documentary - Sept
Eating Happiness - August
     Eating Happiness Official Trailer
About "Cowspiracy", on Youtube - July
At L'Abattoir - June
Still Meat ... Video Unleashed - June
Humble Pie at Cavaliers Theatre - June
FILM - Wild Dog & Mrs Heart - May
Story of United Poultry Concerns Wins Virginia Press Association Awards - April
Virunga - Movie
TV Commercial to air in NYC - February

Kindness and Animals in Films and TV - October
Hollywood mogul Simon buys fur farm with animal rights activists - August
Cowspiracy Review - August
Cowspiracy - August
Tamil film on the explosive subject of vegetarianism is surprise hit - July
Noah - The Movie, Review - May
Live and Let Live - April
Dog by Dog - A Documentary About Puppy Mills - April
ALF and Casting for Activists - April
Is the blockbuste​r "Noah" pro-animal? - March
SeaWorld and Blackfish: Debate - March
"Rusti Escapes!" - full movie now available - Feb
Farmed and Dangerous - Feb
CNN Endorses Right to Life - For Animals - Feb
Animal Liberation Victoria Releases Powerful Video On Memorial Tribute - Jan

Speciesism - The Movie - November
The Ghosts In Our Machine - October
Blackfish highest rated film on CNN this year - October
Blackfish - Movie
The Scare Crow - Chipolte
Behind the Mask, on YouTube
National Geographic 125th gala: James Cameron's vegan appeal - June
Lion Ark - how all of Bolivia's animal circuses were closed - May
The Ghosts In Our Machine - April
An Apology To Elephants - April
Twilight Saga Vegan Parody - January

Israeli Executive Producer of "Homeland" Speaks Out Against Animal Cruelty - December
HBO Documentary Film Presents - 'PROJECT NIM' - December
New Vegan Sitcom with Eric Roberts Raises Funds on Mobcaster - Dec
This is Vegan Style - video - October
New Movie: The Multi-Billion Dollar Lie - Oct
Cry of the Innocent: The Movie - October
Video Makes People Go Vegan - October
Film in Which You Root for the Fish - October
New anti-meat TV ad by Ady in LA - October
"Rusti Escapes!" Earns Utopia Film Festival Official Selection - Sept
No-Kill Revolution - the Movie - Sept
"Rusti Escapes!" Wins Best Shorts Competition Film Festival Award - July
'War Room' Directors Making AR Documentary - July
One Nation Under Dog: Stories of Fear, Loss & Betrayal - June
Peter Hammersted (Sea Shepherd) interview - May
The Plastic Cow - April
Confessions Of An Eco-Terrorist - April
Green - The Film - An Orangutan's Journey - April
Behind The Mask (Documentary) - March
"Speciesism: The Movie" May Change Your Worldview - March
Orangutans: The Burning Season Trailer - February
Soi Dog - The Movie - Jan
Trailer for the movie 'Cages of Shame' - Jan
First Vegan Radio Program Commemorates 11th Anniversary - Jan
Martha Stewart Takes On Factory Farming (Video) - Jan
HULU runs pro-veg commercials - Jan

Project Nim 2011 - Dec
Documentary Film LA BARBACOA (THE BBQ) - Dec
Forks over Knives documentary having impact on American diet - Dec
AR group releases commercial about University - November
New Thriller Tackles Animal Rights - Sept
ALF (movie) by Jerome Lescure 2011
Depiction of lab animals in the movie "Planet of the Apes" is disturbingly accurate - August
The Penguin Movie - July
A Fall From Freedom - July
Some Humans and the Chimp They Loved and Tormented - Movie "Project Nim" - July
A film on animal emotions: The true heart of the wild - June
Democracy Now! reports on new E.L.F. movie and cases of Andy Stepanian and Daniel McGowan - June
Flesh from the Lab: Read, Listen, Weigh In - May
Forks Over Knives - Movie Review - May
New Documentary -- Maximum Tolerated Dose - April
ARA - actress Elissa Sursara gearing up for own TV show - April
Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home - March
Forks Over Knives Movie Premier - March
Compassion Over Killing - 15th Anniversary Video - Feb
Oprah and Crew Go Vegan - Feb

Bold Native DVD is Released - November 29, 2010
Trailer for film "Sanctuary" - Nov 2010
Animal Rights Performance: Animals on Trial - Nov 2010
     Court Trials of Animals, from Medieval Times to Today
Animal liberation at the movies - November 2010
John Robbins Hosts Film Bold Native on the "Nation's #1 Domestic Terrorist - Threat." - November 2010
'Pig Business' the film exposes the true cost of cheap meat - November 2010
YouTube - Interview with the Director of "Skin Trade" Shannon Keith SUPREME MASTER TV - November 2010
Go Vegan Radio - November 2010
    Kucinich, Primate Sanctuary on GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN
Film-maker Ken Moore Discusses 'Spaceless in Seattle" - October 2010
Canned Pigeon Hunt Exposed on CNN Headline NEWS - Sept 2010
Peaceable Kingdom : The Journey Home - August 2010
Vegan World Radio - NASA Engineer Resigns - August 2010
Jane Velez-Mitchell - top NASA engineer to resign Video - August 2010
Jane Velez-Mitchell Steps Up for Rescued Monkeys and Beagles - July 2010
Bold Native - first fiction about About ALF - July 2010
     Russell Simmons Lends Support to Bold Native - July 2010
     New Animal Rights Film - Bold Native
Critics of 'The Cove' Cancellations - June 2010
    'Cove' star calls on Hollywood to save dolphins - June 2010
Animal Rescue Media Education Earns Gold Eco Certification - June 2010
The ALF vs Social Media: Frankenf�rde Trailer & Bold Native Trailer - May '10
TV-Undercover Dairy Vids - May 2010
Animal Rights Commercial - May 2010
Skin Trade - Feb 2010; Skin Trade Premeire - May 2010
     Skin-Trade: horrendous & heartbreaking -Fashion Focus -Orlando Sentinel.

Ellen DeGeneres - Quote - Jan '10
The Bear - film - Jan '10
Martha Stewart - Veganism - Jan '10
TV - Bones - Jan '10
Praise the Egg! New Musical by Mary Gage - Jan '10
    Praise the Egg!  - Review. March 2010
TERRORIST - SHAC 7 chronicles the journey of grass-roots activists - Jan '10
Dog Carpets - October 2009
Rescue Ink TV - Sept 2009
Go Vegan Radio
Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home - Sept '09
Animal Voice - Interviews
Whale Wars - TV Documentary
Food, Inc. - August 2009
The Goode Family - August 2009
     The Goode Family and Vegan Sensitivity
Lydia Guevara Poses for PETA - June 2009
HBO - Time Magazine Report Truth in Factory Farming - March 2009
The Bloody Cove - movie trailer, February 2009
     The Cove-Interview - July 2009
Thomas Paine Evolves - January 2009
Green Light Flix Launches Eco Motion Picture Studio - December 2008
Duckumentary - October 2008
Ellen-Degeneres-has-finally-gone-vegan/ - October 2008
Pro-Vegan Documentary "Seeing Through the Fence" - Sept. '08
America's Next Top Model Contestant, Elina, is Vegan - September 2008
National Geographic Uses Gorillas as Cover for Exploitation - July 2008
Oprah Tries a Vegan Diet - May 2008
Television Reality Show - 30 Days - June 2008
     TV - 30 Days and the SHAC 7 - June 2008
Andy Rooney on Spinach, Horsemeat & Vegetarianism - Oct 2006
Alina 3 - a film by Jerome Lescure about the French penal code
Animals On Film - May 2007
Animal rights and the mainstream media
Animal Planet - R.O.A.R. - Oct 2006
Anti-KFC Advertisement - May 2008
ARLawandBarker -- Winter 2005. Two articles about Animal Rights' Law and Bob Barker
ARights Radio -- Snippets from the radio program called Animal Voices (Toronto)
    Animal Voices Radio -- Links to the station
'Behind the Mask,' an ARME documentary -- Nov 2005.
      Behind the Mask -- July 2006. Trailer, order DVD.
      Behind the Mask, reviewed by Maria Daines - November 2006. 
Blinders - documentary, trailer about carriage horses in NYC - November 2007
Bob Barker -- Harvard Law School establishes Bob Barker endowment
BobBarker -- Bob Barker donation will help change the laws for animals
Bill Mahr -- At a Best Friends benefit  Paging Dr Jeffrey Dahmer by Bill Maher
Chicken Cruelty TV Ad Campaign Begins Dec. 14, 2006
COK's newest ad - A Side of Truth - November 2006
Contact -- Think like a vegan. From the movie "Contact" starring Jodie Foster.
Cornwall's Voice for Animals -- The Canadian Voice for Animals/UK has moved location and name, becoming Cornwall's Voice for Animals
CSI -- Chicken Slaughterhouse - December 2006
Dark Water Rising - Sept 2006. Movie about Pets stranded after hurricane Katrina.
Documentary: Chimpanzees: An Unnatural History - September 2007
Earthlings -- Video in English and Spanish!
     Earthlings - Discussion
Fast Food Nation Firing Line -- May 2006. Director Richard Linklater.
     Fast Food Nation -- Movie. May 2006.
     Fast Food Nation Reviews
First TV Ad -- Compassion Over Killing- First TV Ad
Genesis Awards -- Links to many video clips from various sources.
Go Vegan Radio on Air America
"Happy Feet" on Over-fishing and Global Warming - December 2006 - June 2007
I Am An Animal: The Story of Ingrid Newkirk and PETA - Nov. 07
"Instinct" -- Review of 1999 movie.
Jackson, Peter -- "King Kong" director campaigns to save wild gorillas
Judging Amy -- April 12, 2005, TV tackles AR issues
KCAL -- Los Angeles TV station aired nice piece in Feb 2005
King of Queens - April 2007
Mad Cowboy Documentary
Martha Stewart -- Sept 24, 2005. Martha Stewart Puts Kindness Ahead of Fashion
Meet Meat TV -- How to get Meet Your Meat on local TV
Miss Universe 2007 vowed not to wear fur - October 2007
Monkeying with the Truth - BBC TV
Movie Review: Our Daily Bread - December 2006
Movie Review: Your Mommy Kills Animals - October 2006
   YMKA - SHAC - video excerpt, July 2007
   YMKA: Movie Reviews 2 - June 2007
   Curt Johnson - Interview with Curt Johnson
   YMKA - trailer - plus review, Feb 2007
   Audience Comments about YMKA
Movie trailer for "The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill"
PDF file: Movie Poster for "The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill"
Pelts - movie. January 2007.

Ramsay Reduced to Tears - August 2006. as they slaughter his pigs on TV
Revenge TV - Sabs film hunters
Saints And Angels Project - Fictional movie about an ALF cell
Shannon Keith - August 2007
Shannon Keith Interview -- Producer of movie "Behind the Mask"
Saints and Animals - August 2007
Seeing Through The Fence - May 2008, factory farming documentary
Steve Harvey -- Feb 13, 2005. More Cruelty on 'Steve Harvey's Big Challenge'
Story behind CCF's Bush Should Pardon All of the Turkeys - Bill Maher, November 2007prevention of viewing/selling Your Mommy Kills Animals
Super Charge Me Raw -- July 2006, movie trailer.
Their Voice - Their Voice is a realistic documentary look into the frequently controversial subject of animal sheltering and pet overpopulation.
The Witness -- Video of the award-winning documentary THE WITNESS, starring Eddie Lama.
TV_San Fran -- NewTV animal expose show not for the faint of heart
TV to Look at Chimps Rescued from Labs -- Oct 2006
TV UK Slaughter -- Slaughterhouse TV in the UK. The knives are out, by Sam Wollaston
UK channel 4 - Animals -- Docu-drama following the fictional stories of a lab biologist and an animal rights activist.
Vegan Vixens -- TV
Vegan Vixen's Poster Signing - Sept 07
Veg On TV -- Vegetarians on USA TV from 1951 to current
Veggie TV -- July 2005. Karin Ridgers and her internet TV station
Veronica Mars - Show Me the Monkey - January 2007
Whale Wars - 2008, new series by "Animal Planet"
Why Dogs Smile and Chimpanzees Cry - movie reviews
Year of the Dog - movie review, April 2007
YouTube and Google Videos on
    download an .flv player, 1.1 mb
X-Zone -- Information about the "X-Zone" radio show in Canada - Teaser for Vegetarian Superhero movie - Feb 08. David Burke - executive producer -
Zest radio -- Interview and link to mp3 of "I Am the Owner of This Coat"

"Barnyard" is a major computer-animated movie, available on DVD, about anthropomorphized animals running loose on an Old McDonald type farm. When the farmer is away the four footed animals stand up on their rear legs, acquire human speech (Danny Glover, Andie MacDowell, Courteney Cox...), and act like humans, i.e., party into the night. It's all pretty nonsensical and highly entertaining.

What makes this of interest to ARAs is that, at a certain point the animals decide not to hurt the farmer because ... he's a vegan. This is followed by a 2-minute discussion of what's a vegan, reflecting the common human misconceptions, though eventually they get it right.

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