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Bones is back, finally! Three weeks is far too long to miss our favorite evil-fighting team, but they are back with a vengeance. Also back is favorite intern Wendell Bray, and a reminder of Booth's recent brush with mental danger from a brain tumor. This episode also deals with the food industry and how they treat their livestock.

A bunch of Girl Scouts find a dead body in a river and the team is on the case. The victim is one of the workers at a local chicken factory, and he was in line to take over one day. The town nearby absolutely hates the factory because it smells horrible and negatively affects all of their business. It also causes health problems for the workers, and there are constant protesters outside unhappy with the way the chickens are being treated. Anyone with a weak stomach for animal cruelty will be moved instantly when they talk about cutting the baby chickens' beaks off and how the chickens barely can move an inch in the crowded meat farm.

Angela takes the animal cruelty very hard, as you would expect since she's a bleeding heart, and she gets obsessed with saving a piglet. It costs $1500 dollars but no one seems very interested in helping her out. Brennan especially takes the rational route that saving one pig hardly changes anything, and they have one of their first real fights as friends. Angela is also dealing with coming to the end of her celibacy, and she sorta-kinda-not-really propositions Hodgins. Before the fans can get excited, he turns her down (What? Why?!) and she seems a little down about that. After talking to Sweets he encourages her to break the celibacy because connecting to the pig could be a maternal thing. She ends up doing that with sweet Wendell, who has 40K in debt and still tries to give her all the money in his wallet to make her and the pig happy. They're actually adorable together, but you can hear the Angela/Hodgins fans screaming bloody murder everywhere.

The first suspect in the murder is one of the protesters who the security guard points out, and he admits to getting an anonymous video showing horrible things in the chicken house. It turns out he got it from the victim's wife, who didn't want to be a part of the company anymore and hoped it would be shut down. She got her wish, but lost her husband. A vocal bakery owner is another suspect, and he becomes a big one after we see a cigar clipper that can take off thumbs. It turns out that the victims body parts, fingers and toes, were found in chicken sandwiches not too long ago. Ew, ew, ew, ew...

The next suspect (yes there are a lot of red herrings this episode!) is one of the workers at the chicken farm who sued the victim for sexual harassment. She admits she hated him, but she would've cut off something much more valuable than a toe first. Hee. I actually called this one from the beginning of the episode because they hadn't even tried to suspect the security guard so far. It turns out his wife had gotten sick there and he had to move elsewhere for her health. When the victim refused to help them with gas money, he got angry and killed him. He put his head in one of the chicken machines. Gross. Booth actually believes that it was an 'accident,' but Brennan calmly explains that it was definitely murder.

Booth is shaken that his instinct didn't kick in with the guy, and he's afraid his brain surgery is still giving him problems. Brennan reassures him, especially after he senses Wendell and Angela's relationship and smugly smiles about it. Brennan also gets advice from Sweets to help Angela save her pig and save their friendship at the same time. Aww... yay. We don't like when those two fight! It's silly that Wendell hasn't just been given the full time position by now. Everyone on the show loves him. He plays hockey with Booth, he goes out with Hodgins, and now he sleeps with Angela. They all donated money for his scholarship too. It's about time the revolving door of the interns is done, and it looks like the show already knows who should be Zack's full time replacement.

Next week the team investigates a dwarf wrestler who is murdered. Dum-dum-duuuum...

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