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Videos on the ALF site as of February 16, 2007. This list can be updated by using the search engine in the left-hand column and searching for "YouTube" or "google video" (without the quotation marks).

YouTube Videos on the Iraq War

Eminem - Mosh. Lyrics: . Video:  ...  - 6k - Supplemental Result

ALF video clips on YouTube

ALF video clips on YouTube. ALF Clips: page 2. activists against animal tests. In 2001, transsexual activist, sex worker, and performance artist ...  - 9k

ALF Clips, page 2

Youtube videos, page 2. I have made this Video because I think it's very important to see and show how Animals are treated in our World. ...  - 5k

Quebec Puppy Mills

WE NEED YOUR HELP! please visit  and to learn about a puppy mill in ... Actions-Canada/QuebecPuppyMills.htm  - 8k

Rodeo Cruelty Videos- Australia

( Please circulate these widely to anyone who may be considering attending a Rodeo - sad and sick displays of animal cruelty. ...  - 6k

AR Actions in Portugal

Veja a notícia da SIC sobre a investigação da ANIMAL a unidades pecuárias dos distritos de Lisboa e de Leiria em:  ...  - 6k

Captain Paul F. Watson

Part 2: TKWf-0GGOuU&mode=related&search=  Part 3:  ...  - 13k

New Pages

YouTube Videos on the Iraq War -- Why Do Pharmaceutical Drugs Injure and Kill? Boycott Leather - India. Nutria Breeder - France. October 29, 2006 ...  - 28k

Anti-Viv Index

Anti-Vivisection Index. Click on thumbnail to enlarge. Anti Vivisection: . Section. Topics. FAQs ...   - 28k

Vegan Vixens

"When you do it in a sexy way, they listen." Link to short video on YouTube:  ...  - 11k

Doogie Visit by Tammy Grimes Oct 18, '06

Doogie eating, forgetting for a moment that he is camera-shy. (My favorite!) . Doogie walking in the yard. ...  - 6k

Canadian Voice for Animals Argentina

We have received the appalling images of the treatment that your town is giving to homeless dogs shown at :  ... - 10

Examples of Activism

23, 2006.  View my other videos at , under movies. Pam Leavy. Baton Rouge, La. ...  - 12k

Paris Hilton: Fur Hag

She already has the best selling video of all time, but now she has become one of the first "singers" to officially use YouTube to help pitch her new album, ...  - 6k

15 Things You Should Never Buy Again

See animation about PVC: . Find safe toys in the National Green PagesT --. 10. Plastic forks and spoons ...  - 15k

Extreme Webs

She noted the animal-rights groups also have a strong presence on, posting videos of animal experiments and activists vandalizing labs. ...  - 8k

T Grimes Arrested

Doogie after vet at Grimes house:  Officer Flag: Cell 814.201.0149 Freedom Township Police Headquarters: 814.695. ...  - 20k

New Pages

Hope and Advice for ARAs - YouTube. February 6, 2007. Oxford Univ. loses key case against SPEAK - UK. ALF vs the Body Shop - France ...  - 12k


C.S. Spence on Animal Liberation - YouTube Interview. Why? - Artytou - man's attack on all things natural. Fight - by Shawn ...  - 21k

Aug '06

Extreme Webs, 06-08-04, world, Industries are concerned AR presence growing on youtube, media. Animal Enterprise Act, 06-07-29, US, Using an obscure law to ...  - 37k

Animal Shelters  Show people who breed, buy from breeders, and/or dump their companion animals. ... PetCare/YourShelter/YourShelter.htm  - 7k

Tell POM

Help us spread the "POM Horrible" video around by posting it on your MySpace profile, YouTube page, blog, or personal Web page. Stream this on your page. ...  - 10k

Regarding direct action, Adam Weissman has posted the following ...

Ann: One strategy that seems to be working on the internet is placing information on and Animal rights and vegan videos are being ...  - 19k - Supplemental Result

What Is the ALF?

... Actions by Country, Tips, Interviews, Videos, more. Link to page with Streaming Videos about the Animal Liberation Movement. YouTube's about the ALF. ...  - 13k

AR Video

Youtube videos by Michael Conley. Links directly to downloadable files Most recent additions are at the top. Newsnight. Debate on Oxford animal lab with Mel ...  - 13k


2006. Netherlands. 2 Seats won! Labor vows animal cruelty crackdown - Australia YouTube Videos on the Iraq War - October 2006 Bush Wacked - October 2006 ...  - 11k

Germany - Actions

The egg industry: May 2006.  (it's spoken in German).  -- March, 2006. ...  - 7k

Fur & Trapping

Practical Issues > Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping - Index Fur Farming & Fur Trapping - Index. Anti Fur Campaign:  ...  - 10k

New Pages

November 4, 2006. Street Exhibition to Celebrate 2006 World Animals' Day - China. November 3, 2006. AR Youtube Clips, page 2 -- "ALF" Raided in Calif. - US ...  - 23k

Dog Fights  We don't want these shameful sights to be a mirror of modern and civilized Turkey. Please protest this cruelty by ...  - 7k


15 Things You Should Never Buy Again

See animation about PVC:  -- Find safe toys in the National Green PagesT --. 10. Plastic forks and spoons ...  - 15k

35 Chickens Liberated From West Auckland Egg Farm

Click here for more photos. Footage of raid can be viewed on YouTube. Fair Use Notice and Disclaimer Send questions or comments about this web site to Ann ...  - 7k

Anti-Bullfight . VIDEO: STOP BULLFIGHTS--abolicion de la tauromaquia. Patrice ...  - 9k

First Campaign Target Fading Into History

For video:  For more about Lancaster Stockyards:  ...  - 6k


Monkey In A Cage  Vivisection Information Network (VIN) Recommended site:  ...  - 33k


The republic is dead, long live King George!  -- A New Generation: Strangers in a Strange Land ...  - 11k

Parrot Sanctuaries

Google Video of Sanctuary. United States. ALABAMA. Hookbill Haven Exotic Bird Rescue and Adoption Birmingham. Contact: [email protected] ...  - 82k

Spain-Index  - link to video, The Spanish channel, La Primera, broadcasted a graphic documentary showing the ... Actions-Spain/Spain--Index.htm   - 9k

download the free Google Video Player from ...

download the free Google Video Player from gvp_version:1.1 url:  ... WildAnimals/WildBirds/PigeonsInTheCity.gvp  - 1k


Agriculture Ethics

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"Free range pigs" video (no producer, place, or date given) ... images were acquired from various public and private sources using a Google image search. ...

Action 101-Media

To make a media list, go to and search for media in your area. ... chant sheets, demands, photos or video on CD ROM or DVD, etc . ...  - 24k

Take Action

... accidentally linked with "pet store cruelty" through a quick search on Google! ... restaurants, shopping malls, video stores, concerts, beaches, hotels, ...  - 36k

What We Know

... Connection is a kit that contains both a video and a Discussion Guide. ... For a thorough search of the subject on the Internet, visit Google and use ... AbuseLinked/About_animal_abusers.htm  - 23k

Jim Mason

I would use more art, music, film, video and literature to zero in on the hideous ... simply use Google or one of the other search engines: Enter "An ...  - 39k

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