March 7, 2008

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Silver Spring, Md. -- Over the last several months, Animal Planet's producers have been embedded with the Sea Shepherd Society for a new television mini-series entitled WHALE WARS, where the U.S.-based cable television network's producers have followed the organization' s annual sojourn to stop Japanese whaling operations in the Antarctic Ocean. The organization uses unconventional and radical methods to eradicate controversial whaling operations and was founded by former Greenpeace member Paul Watson.

Several high-profile and internationally publicized incidents have unfolded since December 2007, including two Sea Shepherd crew members being temporarily held against their will by a Japanese vessel, and yesterday, when Paul Watson was hit with a gunshot, allegedly fired by another Japanese ship. Watson was unharmed in the situation as he was wearing a protective vest.

The events that have taken place were all captured by Animal Planet's producers and will be presented through the documentary series WHALE WARS, slated for U.S. broadcast this fall. Animal Planet is thankful that all parties to these conflicts over the last three months to-date are safe and unharmed. The network will showcase these events with a strong journalistic lens that spotlights this global conservation issue that has several nations at odds over both the practice of whaling in oceanic territories.

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