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Veronica Mars - Show Me the Monkey

Everybody is raving about last night's episode of the CWTV hit show Veronica Mars (January 23). I am sorry I missed it. The good news, however, is that we can watch back episodes of the show at Last night's episode, "Show Me The Monkey," is not up there yet but I will keep an eye on the site and keep you posted.

There is an extensive summary of the episode at
I will share the sub-plot that is of interest to animal advocates:

"Veronica agrees to team up with Mac to investigate a missing monkey that was stolen from the campus lab. Pauline and Gil, two science students claim the PHAT (People for Humane Animal Treatment) kids did it. Veronica and Mac go undercover at PHAT to see if these people do anything more active than letter campaigns. Mac gets friendly with a guy named Bronson who is as chipmunky-adorable as she is. Meanwhile, Veronica attempts to feel the group out by talking up her seriousness for the cause, saying she really wants to do more than write letters. A kid approaches her and says they might be interested in working with her but she has to prove herself first.

"She goes to meet with a rock musician who's notorious for loving to hunt. Veronica, Parker and Mac visit him and claim to be huge fans of his music and his passion for the NRA. They're all wearing Zeta Beta Theta shirts and ask him if he'll pose for a picture with them wearing a sweatshirt. He agrees and puts the shirt on without looking at it. They get a picture of the guy smiling cheerfully, wearing a sweatshirt that says, 'Meat is Murder.' The picture makes the paper and this is enough to get them a meeting with the serious activists...

"Veronica invites Bronson to come by their dorm for the Around the World party... Mac waits for Bronson to show up but when he does, she gets shy and doesn't let him kiss her. She feels bad about this and the girls take her over to Bronson's house. They meet his sister and find he has a room full of caged rates. Bronson said they were left on his porch so he took them in. Veronica tells this to Pauline and Gil who report it to the cops but Mac managed to warn Bronson in time to get rid of them.

"When Mac finds tealeaves on the motherboard of the lab's computer, Veronica narrows down the suspects to one person -- Gil (the science student). She confronts him and it turns out he developed an affection for the cute little monkey. Despite what Pauline said at the beginning of the episode about not naming the animals, it appears Gil crossed this line and couldn't bear the thought of the monkey (whom he named Oscar) getting euthanized, which was Oscar's fate at the lab. Veronica decides not to rat him out (pun intended) and gives the check back to Pauline.

"Mac goes to visit Bronson and asks him out to a movie. Just as she's about to leave she turns back and gives him a smooch..." (Perhaps relevant as it suggests animal rights activists Bronson might be appearing in upcoming episodes.)

The brief Entertainment Weekly summary makes the monkey plotline clear:,,20009568,00.html
"Although, as usual, Veronica solved the case and saved the day, she didn't save the day for the people who hired her. She let her personal feelings tangle things up, and she lied to the professor and the other student, saying she couldn't find the monkey. Maybe cavorting with the PHAT people got to her more than she realized. For such a hardened detective, who won't even cut those closest to her some slack, she went soft. But even though she lied, I can't fault her for wanting to save the cute, rambunctious monkey, who was going to meet an untimely demise."

The good news is that the reviews of last night's show are generally superb. It is particularly important that the primate testing subplot gets positive attention as it will encourage similar storylines in the future. If you saw the episode, or generally watch the show, please go to  and click on "Talk about this episode." Then you can click on the link to "What did you think of tonight's episode?"

And please send thanks for the attention to animal testing on Veronica Mars to

As I mentioned above, I will keep an eye out for the episode on line so we can all take a look.


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