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New Vegan Sitcom with Eric Roberts Raises Funds on Mobcaster


Wish there was a vegan character on television who you could relate to
and who brought veganism to the masses? That’s what Joanne Rose hopes
to accomplish with her campaign on Mobcaster to raise funds for the
sitcom “Sex and the Single Vegan.”

Working with Oscar nominated actor and fellow vegan, Eric Roberts,
Rose is raising funds on Mobcaster to make her single vegan gal sitcom
a reality. But, in order to do that, she needs to raise $20,000. It’s
an all or nothing deal. If she raises $19,999, she gets zip.

Rose, who is the creator/writer/actor/producer behind the project,
told us about her motivation for creating “Sex and the Single Vegan.”
“I have been a dedicated vegan since 1994. While there are many
serious sides to being a vegan, I wanted to show the lighter side of
things by creating the first ever sitcom centered around the life of a
vegan. Laughter is part of a healthy lifestyle too.”

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