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First Vegan Radio Program Commemorates 11th Anniversary

Broadcasting in Mainstream Media

At the end of January 2001, something started on a Los Angeles radio station that had never been heard - GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN began broadcasting an uncompromising and controversial message of kindness to animals that endorsed not eating them, not wearing them, not experimenting on them, not hunting them, and not enslaving them in "entertainment" such as circuses, rodeos, bullfights, and captive animal parks, as the means of addressing global problems including war, violence, disease, world hunger, poverty, climate change, deforestation, resource depletion, water shortage, soil erosion, desertification, habitat destruction, energy crises, and the suffering and killing of billions of innocent animals.

"When the program first went on the air, I figured I would do two or three shows, and radio station owners and managers would hear it, and say 'we can't have this show on the air offending just about all of our other advertisers'", program host Bob Linden said, "and I'm happy to say, after 11 years, the radio station owners and managers haven't listened yet."

GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN from 501c3 non-profit GO VEGAN RADIO began as a suggestion by KRLA Los Angeles radio producer Suzanne Lishon who met Linden when he was at the station promoting a vegan festival in Southern California that he was organizing called Worldfest-LA. Lishon, noting Linden's background in animal rights and commercial radio management and on air (Program Director at WQCD / CD-101 New York, WJZE / JAZZY 100 Washington DC, KIFM San Diego, KNUA / "The Sound" Seattle, WWWl Miami, KESI / Star 106 San Antonio, KKLZ Las Vegas, KEZO / Z-92 Omaha) proposed creating a program on her station that Linden would host and produce. Linden said this was to be one of the most interesting challenges in his career, having never heard a vegan radio show, "what would it sound like, and how can a show about animal suffering be entertaining, and how do we not depress an audience so people aren't reaching for razor blades?" Somehow, the program quickly became popular, generated high ratings, a loyal worldwide following, won critical acclaim from many including the LA Times media critic, and even a "Shining World Hero Award" for Linden from the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association.

Since its first days on KRLA, GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN immediately began airing in San Francisco, and then became the first major network show, broadcast nationally on Air America, and XM, and CBS, and Clear Channel radio stations, and on iTunes, archiving hundreds of shows at .

Linden expressed his gratitude to all of his many guests, whom he calls a "parade of heroes", and to all of the advertisers of vegan products and donors who help make the program possible by paying for the broadcast airtime. "Way back in another century when I was a radio Program Director, I would have broadcast a program of such significance as this, as a free public service. But recognizing that times have changed, and with deregulation and consolidation, it becomes necessary to purchase airtime to gain media access, if that's what we have to do for the animals, and improved human health, and environmental sustainability, then let's do it." Linden said radio stations in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle want to join San Francisco and Portland radio stations in broadcasting this, the first vegan, animal rights radio program in mainstream media ever.

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