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America's Next Top Model Contestant, Elina, is Vegan

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So, I guess it's time I confessed something: I have watched almost every cycle (that's model speak for 'season') of America's Next Top Model.  It's mindless and ridiculous, and I can't get enough of it. There, I said it.  Well, it looks like all that hard work has paid off because now I get to watch a vegan girl take part in the competition.  (Yeah, I have no idea what hard work was involved there either.)

Elina is 19 years old and lives in Seattle.  On the show, she said she became vegan at the age of 7 and has dedicated her life to the animal liberation movement.

When the judges and host Tyra Banks found out Elina was vegan, Tyra asked her if she would have been able to participate in a photo shoot last year that involved all the models being DRESSED IN MEAT.  Yes, clothes made from beef.  It was absolutely disgusting.

That's last year's winner, Whitney, in steak underwear surrounded by carcasses and flesh and ?. EWWW!  I hated this episode. I thought it was distasteful and disgusting - AND, I was surprised that not one of the girls refused to do it.

Anyway, when Tyra asked Elina if she would have been able to get dressed up in dead animal flesh, Elina said no.  What vegan could--  I mean, I just cannot imagine putting on some beef underpants--so disgusting!

I am curious how Elina will do in the competition, specifically I wonder if there will be anything she feels conflicted about, like confrontations from the other girls or a photo shoot that involves leather or fur or something like that.  Hopefully she does well!  I guess we'll see!

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