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The Plastic Cow

I'm an independent film-maker based in India and I've just finished making an animal rights documentary, The Plastic Cow, which is available for viewing on the following link:

The Plastic Cow:

A 34-minute film, it looks at the impact of our almost complete dependence on plastic bags, which we use and discard carelessly every day, often to dispose our garbage and kitchen waste. Not only are these bags a huge environmental threat, they end-up in the stomachs of cows, who, either because they've been discarded because they're not milking at the time or because the dairy owner is unwilling to look after them, have to fend for themselves and forage for food, which, like other scavengers, they find in community garbage dumps. Owing to their complex digestive systems, these bags, which they consume whole for the food they contain, get trapped inside their stomachs forever and, eventually, lead to painful death. The film is also a comment on the religious hypocrisy of the cult of the holy cow.

Please share the film and the link with anyone who you think may have an interest in the issue.

Thanks & regards,
Kunal Vohra

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