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(S03E03) "I think half of that is bullshit" - George the hunter

Normally, I would go into an episode about vegetarianism and animal rights with a pretty strong opinion. However, since this is 30 Days, I know I'm bound to see and hear things that will, at least, give me second thoughts, if not change my opinions completely.

When it comes to animal rights, I have always been somewhere in the middle. I think killing animals for fur is cruel but I don't have a problem with people who eat meat. I personally have an affinity for pigs, so I don't eat pork. However, I think chickens are stupid, so I don't mind some pollo asado now and then. I don't think cosmetics should be tested on animals but I have found a lot of uses for prescription drugs. As far as hunting goes, well, I think you get the point. This episode was tailor made for a guy like me.

When George the hunter meets his vegan host family, it's interesting to see him smile and act polite while his body language is completely defensive. ...


If you haven't already seen this episode I urge you to watch it if only for the last twenty minutes which include George adopting a calf and participating in an anti-fur demonstration.

In the end, the best thing that could have happened actually happens. George comes to an understanding and starts to question his own beliefs about animal rights. While he probably won't stop hunting or barbecuing, I seriously doubt he will eat a piece of veal or drink a glass of milk without at least thinking twice.


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