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TV - 30 Days and the SHAC 7

For 30 days and Animal Rights Activist lived with an avid Hunter

It shows the world just how "terrifying" these ARAs are and how ridiculous is the terrorist label given them by the Bush admin. (From http://www.supportk )

Morgan Spurlock, who did the award winning documentary "Super Size Me", has a new TV show called "30 Days" (actually it is on its second season). The show is opposite worlds living is the same world. Past episodes have included an anti-gay pastor living with a gay man in SF, a man from the anti-immigration project "the Minute Men" living with "illegal" immigrants in Los Angeles. The point of the show is to find common ground, and not be too sensationalistic.

This seasons opener is a hunter (George Snedeker) living in an animal rights world (he lived with a PETA employee for 30 days and was vegan the whole time). Part of the 30 days he went to Hustler (see article below) to learn about the SHAC 7 case. As was explained was to George, is the philosophy of when someone's rights is violated, everyone's rights is violated.

As MLK once said, "no one is free while others are oppressed;" and the Ward Churchill quote that:
"Our rights our your rights, the violation of our rights, is the violation of your rights, absent our rights, you cant have no rights, so in standing for your rights, you have to stand for ours"

George is not only a surprise surprise support of the second admendment, but a big supporter of the 1st after learning about the SHAC 7.

When the show airs we will let supporters know, and then should have something up here where you can see it.

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