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The 'X' Zone Radio Show

An internationally syndicated radio show with affiliates primarily in the United States and Canada is now booking guests for March and April 2002 and we would like to invite authors to come on our show and discuss their books.

Each and every show, we investigate the world of the paranormal to the science of parapsychology..... from the ancient myths and folklores to the world of New Age spirituality.
The 'X' Zone Radio Show is a place where people dare to believe and dare to be heard... it's a place where fact is fiction and fiction is reality.
From 10 pm Pacific to 1 am Pacific, Monday through Friday in 35 Major US Centers and affiliates in Canada (and shortly on Short-wave bringing the listening audience from Europe, North America, Central America, the Caribbean, New Zealand and Australia), and around the world on the World Wide Web... the award winning internationally recognized radio and TV talk show host, Rob McConnell investigates... interacts... entertains and educates listeners to The 'X' Zone which is in it's 7th broadcast year.
If know of an author who has written a book that would fit into our program, please send us  a copy of the book or books, with a media kit to:
Studio 105,
105 Ramona Blvd.,
Markham, Ontario,
Canada, L3P 2K6
and please, visit us on the internet at
During the interview, which is usually 2 hours, Rob interacts with his listening audience by taking on-air calls... using ICQ... PalTalk... MSN Messenger Service... e-mails and faxes... plus the show is broadcast via video on the net as well!
All guests are profiled on the electronic version of our very popular and successful print newspaper THE 'X' CHRONICLES NEWSPAPER - which is sent to over 24,000 subscribers every week.
On the home page of our website, on the left side, you will see just some of the many categories that we cover on the show, and on the right side of the page are just some of the over 1,800 guests that Rob has interviewed.
We hope that we will have the opportunity of having someone you know on the show.
If you have any questions, please let me know and I will respond to them personally.
Thank-you for your time and consideration.
Sam Orez,
Production Coordinator.
If this e-mail has been sent to you in error, we apologize for the inconvenience, me know and I will immediately make the necessary corrections to our DataBase.


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