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Super Charge Me Raw

Jenna longed to be a Las Vegas showgirl for Halloween
 but when she tried on the costume,
 she realized she was not in showgirl form.
 Come along as Jenna takes us on her journey to
 discover what happens when she goes "raw" for 30 days.

SARASOTA, Fla., April 5 /CNW/ -- Fresh from winning top prizes at two West Coast film festivals, "Supercharge Me! 30 Days Raw" comes home in triumph for the world premiere of its final cut at the Ninth Annual Sarasota Film Festival. View trailer here:

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"Supercharge Me!" is one of the most talked-about documentaries this year. And Emporia Pictures is very honored that its finished product will be screened before the discerning audiences attending an event which has put Sarasota, Florida front and center on the movie festival map with the 8th largest attendance of any festival in the U.S.
This independent documentary film is the story of one young woman's lifelong dream: to dress up as a Las Vegas showgirl for Halloween. That dream met bulging reality in the mirror, but she was determined to make her dream come true by spending 30 days eating only vegan, raw, organic food and learning a new lifestyle. The "rawcumentary" is the healthy answer to "Super Size Me," the documentary by Morgan Spurlock who ate only McDonald's food for 30 days and suffered the consequences.
The two-minute film trailer may be viewed on the web site: . More information about Sarasota Film Festival screening here:

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