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STILL MEAT.... video unleashed

STILL MEAT has been unleashed. Click HERE or on the pic below to watch the video!
I wrote this song because animals are STILL abused, tortured and killed every single day - in every single country, in every possible hideous way. There is STILL much pain and fear in their lives. I had to express this as a song one more time because I am outraged by the way we treat animals. If you feel it, please share it.

The song is written from the abused animals' point of view. The cow below is Tetica, a cow saved from a factory farm. Let her and other hurt animals tell you their story. The beat is from Dr Dre's song Still D.R.E. - classic gangsta beat turned into an animal dignity song. Lyrics are posted below the video on YouTube.

MEET ME song is also done and it already went out to all of the MEET ME Indiegogo project supporters a few days ago. It will be officially released within a few weeks. Video is coming soon and I will let you know as soon as it comes out!

I had to share this deliciousness with you. Let's just call it STILL SWEET ice cream! No milk, of course, just pure healthy mother nature treat - proving that regular ice cream is a thing of the past... and compassionate food kicks a**! Here's the recipe: 1 (previously chopped up and frozen) banana + 1 dcl of vanilla soy milk + 1 spoonfull of peanut butter. Blended like a hurricane.

Let me know how you liked the song + my ice cream recipe. Talk to you soon!

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