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Pro-Vegan Documentary "Seeing Through the Fence"

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Eleni Vlachos presented her anti-animal-abuse documentary Seeing Through the Fence in Bryan Jr. auditorium on Tuesday night. A pro-vegan film with a heavy nod toward the directorial stylings of Michael Moore, this documentary is humorous and thought provoking. Vlachos presents us with a visual parade of man on the street interviews interspersed with brutal factory farm footage overlaid with disturbing facts.

Her benign interrogation reveals the thinking of an eclectic mixture of people, from her meat-eating family members, to disgruntled former meat-plant workers, to staunch vegans. Vlachos provokes them to explore their relationship between the food we eat and the animals that provide that food.

She documents the often-contradictory responses of everyday people as they express their rights as superior beings to eat meat. The film introduces the viewer to "Mr. average middle-class guy, "who adheres to "the Judeo-Christian view that God gave us animals and he put us in charge." We hear this same man later on in the documentary state that people should be punished for animal cruelty.


full story: 2008/09/12/Features/Forevergreen.Sponsors.ProVegan.Documentary-3428342.shtml

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