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New Thriller Tackles Animal Rights

NEW YORK, Sept. 27, 2011
 -- Debut fiction author J. E.

Fishman has crafted an "appealing" (Publishers Weekly), "fresh" (Science Thrillers), "deft" (Kirkus), "heart-pounding" (Popcorn Reads) novel, Primacy, that thrusts readers into one of the biggest debates of our time: How should humans treat animals?

"While it is difficult to know exactly how many animals will be experimented on in animal research labs this year," notes Fishman, "estimates range as high as 150 million vertebrates worldwide. As a storyteller, my job isn't to draw absolute conclusions about this activity but rather to sketch out the questions we should be asking ourselves as a society. We seem too inclined simply to avert our eyes. If Primacy forces those closed doors open a crack, forces us to look inside, it will have accomplished something beyond entertainment."

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