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Veg On TV, the Website about Vegetarians in Sitcoms and Dramas.

Sara Gilbert, Who played Darlene Connor on 'Roseanne', standing with her arms crossedLeonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock of 'Star Trek,' making the Vulcan greeting gesture with his right handShannen Doherty, who played Brenda Walsh on 'Beverly Hills: 90210,' sitting and smiling

Vegetarians have been speaking up for animals since at least the time of Pythagoras (570-490 B.C.), the Greek mathematician. Television sets have been around since 1923, and by 1947 were in enough American homes for Truman to deliver the first Presidential television address. But who is the first Vegetarian character on television? Who is the most recent? The Vegetarian characters in between? The answers are here.

Read about shows in the order that a Vegetarian character or issue first appears on a tv show.

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