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September 24, 2005

Martha Stewart Puts Kindness Ahead of Fashion

"So much violence in the world seems beyond our control, but this is one cruelty we can stop by being informed consumers."
        --Martha Stewart on the fur trade

Please watch this video, hosted by Martha Stewart. If you wear fur, it will make you voluntarily stop. Note the looks in the eyes of these innocent, captive, caged and trapped animals as humans barbarically, mercilessly kill them.

What kind of monsters are we to take animals who only and desperately want to live and be free, and force them to end their lives in a violent torture? Fur is a bloodbath. It is inexcusable and uncivilized and should be banned. That will not happen immediately but you can boycott it and put it out of business.

Also, here is the video at high resolution 46mb, .wmv