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Martha Stewart's TV show today was all about eating about eating vegetarian, less meat, no meat, etc. She had Jonathan Foer on and others who spoke about the horrors of factory farming, the awful food industry, and more. You can see vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes at and more about the show at:


BTW, she said she is having a vegan Thanksgiving at her daughter Alexis' (who is a vegan) home.

The show was not EVERYTHING we would like it to be, but let's not pass up the good for the perfect. Besides, I have watched Martha Stewart come a long, long way.. she eats much less meat... and I believe that her daughter will yet influence her to give it up entirely. .,... and, what a spokesperson Martha is! She has millions of followers!

PLEASE.. do write and thank her for this show. If she gets lots of messages like this, it can only encourage her to do more and go even farther.

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