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"Instinct" the Movie

Review of the 1999 movie "Instinct"

Recommended viewing for your AR group or family and friends.

An anthropologist (Anthony Hopkins) befriends a family of gorillas in Africa and lives with them for most of two years. A search party kills his gorilla family and he kills two of the poachers in a vain attempt to defend it. He then gets extradited to the U.S. and placed in an overcrowded Miami asylum for the criminally insane.

A young psychiatric resident at a nearby university (Cuba Gooding, Jr) sees the case as an opportunity to make a name for himself and begins a psychiatric evaluation of the anthropologist in this insane institution. Eventually, it is the psychiatrist who becomes liberated from the yoke of modern civilization and its oppression of people and animals.

The movie makes two powerful statements: a) animals are good, peaceful, and loving - humans are bad, violent, and hateful and b) animals love and deserve freedom just as humans do. By the time the closing credits roll and, in spite of the far-fetched ending, there shouldn't be a dry eye in the house.



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