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Forks Over Knives Movie Premier

movie premieres May, 2011

Jane Velez-Mitchell interviews Gene Baur, President of Farm Sanctuary,
about Forks Over Knives: Watch the video on

Forks Over Knives to Open in 17 U.S. Cities, May 6-20, Expansion to Follow

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce the nationwide opening of Forks Over Knives in 17 U.S. cities between May 6 and May 20. A schedule of cities can be found below. We anticipate expanding the release to many other cities in the weeks following May 20, 2011.

We know that March 11 was the original release date, and apologize for the delay. However the very successful debut in Portland, Oregon earlier this month led to a surge of new booking requests from all the national theater chains. These venues require a longer lead time to book the film. We hoped not to have a delay, but are grateful for an opportunity to bring the film to a large number of people.

Thank you for your support, without which, a national theater campaign would not be possible. We hope you will enjoy the film!

Best wishes,
Brian Wendel

May 6: New York, Los Angeles
May 13: Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Boston, Seattle and San Diego
May 20: Philadelphia, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Denver
TBD: Houston, Miami, Phoenix and Austin

Theater details to be posted in the coming weeks.

Advocate Daily For Animals,
~Lois Baum

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