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Democracy Now! reports on new E.L.F. movie and cases of Andy Stepanian and Daniel McGowan

update, January 24, 2012:  - Film up for an Oscar

Animal rights activist Andrew Stepanian in his first interview speaking out about his imprisonment.

Stepanian was jailed in the same Communication Management Unit as E.L.F. member Daniel McGowan for about six months. Also featuring Marshall Curry, director of a new documentary about the E.L.F. arson, and freelance reporter Will Potter, the segment raised questions about how the "war on terror" affects civil liberties. Stepanian talks about how people should question the label of "terrorism" when the acts are motivated by compassion.

Listed below is a link to the video interview and transcript.

DEMOCRACY NOW! LINK: if_a_tree_falls_new_documentary 

This morning's broadcast of Democracy Now included a discussion of the new documentary film "If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front," and the U.S. government's severe response to some animal and environmental activists. You can watch the video at if_a_tree_falls_new_documentary .

The segment features interviews with the film's director Marshall Curry as well as Andy Stepanian, a formerly imprisoned animal advocate, and with Will Potter, a journalist who has written extensively about the Green Scare.

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Additional information about this Democracy Now discussion and related topics can be found at the websites of Will Potter and Andy Stepanian

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