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Published on Sep 4, 2014
I just watched the movie Cowspiracy. I liked it a lot. I recommend it to you.

That might surprise you ...the film is anti-beef and ends up anti-animal eating in general.

It's got some flaws. Although the film is from 2014, it's working from some old, somewhat discredited data as regards grass-fed beef ...but on the whole it really does a good job.

It's especially good at pointing out the confusion that any sane person experiences when trying to look into factory farming and the mega-agro-industry. I really can relate to that from both sides of the fence.

It compares "apples to oranges" only briefly (although prominently) but the 90 minute running-time is worthy of your attention and efforts like this should be encouraged by anyone who loves both the food and the planet.

You may agree or disagree with its conclusions ...but you won't consider it a waste of your time. In fact, I think you'll join me in welcoming a good, strong, young voice to the debate.

Eat less meat ...raise more hell! Go get the film and watch it.


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