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The Canadian Voice for Animals/UK has moved location and
 name, becoming Cornwall's Voice for Animals

Anyone with links on their sites to cvfa/uk please change the link to

CVFA/UK's pages have always been hosted by the Canadian Voice for Animals but due to space slowly running low on Earle CVFA site - I have started to rebuild my pages as an extension of my Just Nice Photos site, leaving more space for Earle to expand on the ever growing animal cruelty issues CVFA works to end.

I was also getting a lot of questions - especially by media as to why ' CANADIAN VOICE FOR ANIMALS '  when I live and work in Cornwall - even though I am Canadian - thus Cornwall's Voice for Animals was born !

It is much easier as we are now facing very serious problems with hunters since this new law on Hunting With Hounds will prohibit this ugly ' sport ' from taking place legally - and letters coming from a Cornish source and from one living in the countryside - has more pull when dealing with the press and members of parliament .... along with other UK issues we are working on here.

The  email address is still working.

The location of CVFA/uk is still being worked on but we are getting there all links will be up and active again soon

Thank You

Mary Alice Pollard
Cornwall's Voice for Animals ( CVFA )

Trematon Cottage
3 Gerrans Square
Gerrans, Near Portscatho