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Compassion Over Killing- First TV Ad!!! 
5/28/02 5:50:37 PM

Starting today, May 27th, COK's first TV ad will appear on Washington, D.C.'s CBS affiliate (channel 9) between 5:45 and 6:00 p.m. The ad will run each weeknight for two weeks.

This may be the first time in the D.C.-area that an explicitly pro-vegan ad has appeared on a major station during such a high-viewership time slot. During the two weeks the ad will run, hundreds of thousands of viewers will learn about cruelty to farmed animals, and where to get more information on veganism.

To view the 30-second ad, click on the link below:


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This fall, we've released our fourth 30-second ad, "If You Knew," which offers yet another hard-hitting message about how our dietary choices have far-reaching effects on the lives and deaths of billions of animals.
    And, as always, viewers are directed to our website to learn more about compassionate eating and to request a free copy of our Vegetarian Starter Guide

If You Knew


'In spring 2004, COK began producing two 30-second commercials for MTV filled with factory farm footage, so viewers could see the cruelties farmed animals endure to give us meat, milk, and eggs. We tested the spots with focus groups of non-vegetarian girls aged 14 to 18, and they all agreed the commercials were compelling in encouraging viewers to explore vegetarian eating.
     We premiered the spots in July and August in and around Washington, D.C. MTV watchers inundated us with positive emails and doubled, tripled, and sometimes even quadrupled the number of visitors to our resource site, where they learned how to stop animal abuse, every time they sit down to eat.
     Since the commercials' debut in the D.C.-metropolitan area, they've been on the MTV airwaves in 16 cities: Boston, Gainesville (Fla.), Hartford (Conn.), Houston, Indianapolis, Lawrence (Kans.), Los Angeles, Madison (Wisc.), Minneapolis, New Haven (Conn.), Pittsburgh, State College (Penn.), Storrs (Conn.), and Durham, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh (N.C.). The commercials have been seen nearly four million times

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