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Chicken Cruelty TV Ad Campaign Begins Dec. 14, 2006

Foster Farms, the poultry giant of the Western United States, wastes over $11 million on frivolous company advertising each year, while animal care is unwaveringly neglected. Dreadfully, Foster Farms kills five million chickens per week and continually deceives consumers about its so-called humane practices.

But now, there is some good news for chickens and consumers alike. Starting on Thursday, December 14th, a new television advertising campaign will expose over 62,000 households around the San Francisco Bay Area to the cruel reality at Foster Farms (

Thanks to the generous support of EBAA's members, our month-long TV campaign will deliver the inhumane truth about Foster Farms to a larger, targeted population of consumers concerned about food choices via the Food Network and animals via Animal Planet and expose thousands of people to the benefits of chicken-free eating.

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